Edge With Demons Part 2

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“I do understand, I quarreled the devil and sometimes saw that shadow. You have something like odor from you. No, there is something like a fate like a gang.” A frightened at the word of the old man. Because A was a demon, and the opportunity for A to enter the Buddhist monk. “You, Mr. Oji to go to the temple, if it gets done errands sooner. After it gets dark it may be pulled to the edge as you go through here.”

It seems that I felt a cold thing on the spine of A though it is a sweaty season, depending on the old man’s words. A greeted the old man, he took away from it and left there. According to the advice of the old man, he seemed to have finished errands and return home.  However, it was something the world would not keep, A’s business took until the night.

So, the more you go home, the more you are not afraid of A. I decided to return home after revealing the night at the temple. However, because A is also not free, I decided to decide to return by the first train. But troublesome thing is A also under training. I had to walk to the station on the way home, so to return by the first train. I have to leave the temple from the dark.

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A got a bad feeling, but it is useless. So A asked the temple’s story about the dragon slope. Although the priest seems not to come with a pin at the beginning, he says it remembered. “Oh, that’s it, Ale is still serving the △ △ Temple in the lower person. According to the story, it seems that half of the stone and the monkey pestle that sealed the devil are still now.”

When A hears about that, the priest occupation is relocated. It seems that the worker incorrectly broke a single pencil where a rope is hung. It seems that it was aged. Moreover, it is accompanied with saying that it will be lost in the middle of transportation. When A got blue in the story, it seems that the priest’s job got worse as expected.Tell A the location of the △△ temple, if you go there something.

He said he said that he would not be able to do anything with a dagger of Dokosaka. Well, A who knew the place to escape was good for now. That night I went to sleep and left the temple while we were as dark as we expected.  When A walks on the deep road with a morning mist, it is brightly brighter towards Hokkaido.

Although I had a bad feeling, it is the shadow of a devil who appears when I think about it. Since it is not light, A is timid I laughed myself and made my feet swift towards Dokosaka. According to the nearby light its car headlight. I was riding on the bank of a dog clinging overpass. Is it an accident?

When I looked into the car thinking so, a young man and a woman who fainted in the car. In the meantime I have a breath and I can not find any injuries. This is a cold thing runs to A’s spine, which the police were thinking from ambulances, etc. Looking at the direction of that disgusting person, headlight. A woman, a black shadow that seems to be. I should be able to see the figure in the light, the shadow. You can see something like horns at the head. At the moment I recognized that, A screamed and ran away. “It’s useless, it’s useless, it’s useless, it’s useless. It’s useless, it’s useless, it’s useless.”

I do not quite understand that A’s head came up with only that. I do not know A already, but running down the slope, falling. Still it ran away anyway. ran away. He ran towards the temple. It crossed overpass bridge and was running for a while, but a feeling air that I feel behind. What is it, are not you a dragon in a dragon?

You are running quite a bit. △ △ It is not easy to get to the temple. While thinking about it, A ran while running down tears and runny nose. At that time, eyes went to the bamboo forest on the right rather than to the △△ temple. When I notice why, I went off the road and I dive into that bamboo grove. While rolling down, there was a shadow of the devil indeed behind the sight.

It seems that when I thought it was no good, A got something hard in the bamboo bush. When I grasped it without understanding well, I heard chicken barks from a nearby house. At the same time the shadow of the devil went gradually thin. When the breathing came in, Was it saved? If you think so and you are staring at the shadow’s disappearing side. It is said that someone was peeping from the road.

It was a bit of a moment but when I looked closely it was an old man yesterday. “What on earth do you do in that place?” That said, when an old man approached, was the accident that A saw on the slope? When. I told him to reveal the shadow of the devil. When the old man was happy about the safety of A, he took a look at A ‘s hand.

“What is that grasping?” A also noticed that I was grasping something and confirmed what I clasped. It was half of a double peck broke into two. “If it’s a grandfather’s story, it may have been drawn by half of the monkey pestle lost at the edge of demons. Although I said, honesty I do not want to engage with demons anymore. Because I’m scared, really serious.”

When I said that, I embraced myself when I trembled with a crying face. It’s your parents house, this story. Be careful when you pass around there. To A who says such a thing, the guy who was talking about occult research. While admiring that it will change if it changes. “So, was that shadow truly in the shape of a devil?” A answered with a serious face. “No, really it’s a devil. Because it was a silhouette like Lam.” No, there is no Lam. The face of A who says that Lam is serious with a serious face is more honest and scary for me. No, seriously.