Edge With Demons

I restarted with my friend who belonged to the occupational laboratory in college for the first time in a while. Currently my friend seems to have experienced occupation for a long time as a boy, experienced during his training. Originally, the opportunity that he entered the Buddhist monk was related to “demons”, but even land that I visited on training got involved in “demons” again.

I do not write anywhere. And long. It may not be so scary, but this is a story I heard from a friend the other day. A friend who entered the Buddha from one weird experience. In the wake of this earthquake disaster, my relationship started again. From the liaison network of the safety confirmation after the disaster, friends who were unknown. Temporarily, I got in touch with A, and when the earthquake disappeared, it became a story saying that even together tea.

Well, it can not be said to be a sake or a drink. He belongs to the occupational laboratory in college. It is terrible to practice an old tale of another friend ‘s homecoming destination with a group of the occult research laboratory. At the end of the twists and turns now he is learning the priest. It seems that he or she will become a servant soon, I do not know what it is for a man with anything.

Now that there are quite a few achievements of training, there is no place where students have been floating. It became possible to calmly talk about old tales. It seems that A also repeatedly experienced strange experiences from the case that triggered the Buddha gate. He told me about the incident that came across the training.

A was going to a temple where you used Kanto, but what you are training. I was walking to that temple, which is quite far from the station. This seems to be part of training. On the way, when I tried to cross an overpass over the railway track cut through the mountain. It seems that one old man crouched down beside the crossover bridge and had hand in hand with Jizo.

Although A is also an apprenticeship, he seems to have picked up his hands with his arms beside his old man. Then the old man bowed deeply towards A. When I gaze at A stuff like this. “You have something to do with the demon?” A was surprised and asked back to the old man, the old man began talking about this Jizo.

“This Mr. Jizo is in order to quell the devil.” It seems that there was a girl who eats people long ago around this old story’s story. Where did it flow from, this mountain path (then) villagers, travelers, traveling children. Sometimes inviting with a color scheme, it seems that they killed themselves and killed them.

Of course, the owner of the time sent dispatched soldiers. There is nothing to fight back in front of a devil witchcraft. Villagers sometimes say this way, travelers who do not know anything. He sometimes sacrificed to the slope. One day frightened by such devil, a monk of a traveler visited the village.

The monk was deceived by the villagers at first, and headed for a slope with a devil. I sensed something unfamiliar and turned back and asked the villagers. The villager who made the idea told the story of the devil as a priest. The monk said that he would do something about it. After the day was not good and after the 7 days of Semba, I headed to the slope where the devil lives.

Afterwards, when the monk who lost his right arm came back to the village. There is a stone stuck by Dokko pestle on the slope. Also sealed the devil. The village which has sacrificed innocent travelers until now has a fate. Therefore, in order to cut off its fate. To put down hands on behalf of myself who lost her arms and quell the devil.

Since there is a girl’s animal, I instructed you to consolidate the tombs of those who were eaten by the devil there. The monk himself was ashamed of his own short training which lost his arms and went back to the mountain. After that, there were six tombs around six Ishizuka. The slope where the devil was there began to be called dragons.

In the dogsaka, as the villagers subsequently quell the devil, as directed by the monk of the trip. Nembutsu raised the village was done. Even so, it seems that the shadows of the devil wandered the slope from time to time. Such a custom has also been lost now. The place name changed and it seems that only old people remembered their names. There were reasonable reasons why such lost customs still remained.

That happened when the railroad arrived in this country. The railroad has to cut through a small slope of a mountain and pass through it. The track passed so as to make the dogs slope. Since the local people know the old story of the dragon slope. Although it seems that it opposed the construction of the railroad, the site is owned by the prefecture. The stone which sealed the dagger of Dokosaka moved by the railroad and was to be enshrined. In the end it seems to be pushed.

However, here also, even on this route it became a considerable difficult construction unexpectedly. It seems that some people died during construction. It is not only an accident under construction. She seems to have committed suicide and death. Local people do not say that. It seems that the girl’s ramblings were so fierce as not to come over here.

Even so, when the human life was cheap, the railway was forcibly opened. There is no drag and the person does not die afterwards. People have forgotten the slope. However, as a single road passes here, the incident will start again. The road which was just divided by the railway line was maintained and an overhead bridge was hung. It seems that it was a convenient way as a route only to the way the traveler passed.

However, accidents occur frequently in the strange way since the road was opened. Traffic accidents, suicide, death, such a thing came to occur once or twice a year. From those who had an accident, some people say that the woman’s shadow is ~. Since such a story began to hear, this old man. I thought that this is once a rugged slope and that the woman’s shadow is a devil. It is said that he built Jizo here.

And according to the ritual being told, he says Nembutsu once a month. “But I already have one person who knows this. I came here as the end of a village with a connection. Already, the villagers shriveled and moved to other places. Those coming from the rest listen to this story.” Later, the old man does not know what will happen. On the contrary, if there is no one with whom it has something, the goblins may be gone. Next edge with demons part 2.