Eerie Incident at the Amber Court in Genting Highlands

Amber Court has been considered by many as the most haunted place in Malaysia. There are cases that many people had died there as a result of freak accidents or suicides. It is also one of the favorite spots for “ghost hunting” enthusiasts in the country. Alvin decided to take his family and his younger brother with his girlfriend to take them for a 2 day holiday.

He arrived at the destination at about 5pm and they packed their bags at the resort. The girls decided that the guys can go to the casino while they get dinner ready. When Alvin and his brother got back to the resort, dinner was almost done and got the cutlery ready. Half way during the meal, Monica (Alvin’s wife) notice that her 4 year old son was missing and eventually found him in the kitchen. Monica yelled to her son, “come and eat your dinner” but her son did not reply.

She shouted at her son again, “no toys for you if you don’t come now as soon as possible”. Her son asked in a confuse manner, “mum, why is aunty is eating on the floor?” Monica laughed and told the rest that the kid must be making up stories. Fed-up Alvin got up and said he will personally get his son. He found his son in the kitchen, partially obstructed he could only see the top half of his son.

Alvin said, “come on, boy-o, let’s go and eat”. The little kid reluctantly left for the dinner table. Monica and Alvin’s brother noticed that Alvin was oddly quiet during dinner. After dinner, Alvin abruptly announced that something had happened that they have to back to Kuala Lumpur immediately. Monica and the rest was shocked and insisted for an explanation, but Alvin was adamant on leaving.

Monica suspected that something was amiss and helped the other packed up. Alvin hardly said a word during the entire trip back to Kuala Lumpur. When they have finally got back, Monica asked Alvin what is going on. Alvin’s face was still pale when he said, “I saw what boy-o was looking at the kitchen, a lady was sitting on the floor and eating at something on the floor, it’s a ghost”.