Evil Spirits Part 2

Previous story evil spirits. A was crying. I also shouted and called for help but nobody noticed. On the contrary, I noticed that there were no street lights or lights of private houses. And the evil ghosts began to drag themselves. I thought that I would die like this at that time, ah I. A did not cry anymore whether he fainted. When they began to drag themselves into the torii, Bachi! It is! And there was a big noise.

As I returned to that sound, I saw the surroundings, there were no evil spirits and I could see the lights of street lamps and private houses. A was stunned by sudden things. “Huh? Was it saved?” They took a look at their face. Then I noticed that the two amulets on the arms were broken. No way, is this a substitute? When thinking, adults came over from the other side.

Among them were demonicists and some older brothers. I talked about circumstances and circumstances. I also received tight scolding, but everyone greeted me gently. In order to bring back the people remaining in the house, demobilisers and adults are to go. And it turned out that my older brother seemed to accompany it. “I am not unrelated, I heard that it seems that you have to enter again in order to purify me properly.” And I also wanted to accompany him.

It was obviously disagreeable, it was my own responsibility. And most importantly, there was something I had to do to check myself. When I asked himself not to give away one step, I absolutely agreed that he will not act alone, on the condition that he will not leave from everyone. As I saw A, I seemed to understand why I wanted to find out what I was going to do. I shook off my fears and went into the shrine again for everyone.

On the way, when I tell my older brother about my older brother’s friend. “Yeah. I see. That guy, they are, these days, this time I took my breath. I came also to my couple. I went to protect you. Thank you, thank you.” My older brother cried and thanked the children. I also thanked myself for crying. And as I walked for a while, my older brother changed. I suddenly collapsed and was distorting his face in a distressing manner.

Looking closely, the evil spirit was pressing on my older brother. As soon as a demobilizer gave a spirit, I did not quite excuse it. Finally I was able to pursue with several people. Later, classmates were found in front of the shinto shrine (which is supposed to be). The inside was a sea of ​​blood. I suffocated and I vomited. An ambulance was called soon and it was carried. Fortunately, although it is severe injury, I thought that life was not unique and I was relieved a little.

However, I was wondering if the spirit could scratch the body directly. And. It is a big tree behind the shrine, M was found in the dead body. I have not been told that I do not see it, but I realized that it was this that I wanted to confirm. I will tell the reason later. Then, if we can not leave it as it is, the people of the devil worship will do a massive purification. Originally it is still in a state where there is a god even though it is altered.

It seems that it was best to do it little by little and gradually return God to its original form. It seems that things have been forced to do in order to urgently need. A ceremony for its purification began a few days later. I have seen delinquent ceremonies etc on TV etc, but the scale was totally different. I and A are also parties so I decided to attend. I thought that I never forget this sight forever.

In this case, despite the deaths, it did not become newspapers etc. Apparently, it seemed that people related to the demonicist and the people in the town got a deep root. I thought that it was to prevent infection by knowing the fact, but there were other reasons. The reason for that will be known later in the next few years just as I did before. The truth of this incident is also.

After that, I went on to high school and graduated from high school, I got a job and left the town. A graduated from university after graduating from high school and left the town like me. We lived together in the form of cohabitation, we married after graduating from A university. Then another month and a half passed, when they got a daughter, when that girl became five years old, it was decided to return home in order to have a legal affair at home.

On my way home. We passed in front of that shrine. Torii and the shrine itself became new, it seemed completely different from the old days. That incident. A case where one dead person has appeared. At that time, the reason why I had to confirm the death of M, that. “Hey T. When that time. When we are attacked here. In that evil spirit. M was there? Since I saw it, you went to check at that time, did not you?”

A told me to remember. “Yup.” As I answered, both of them were silent. “Mom. I want to go to the bathroom.” My daughter’s E said so, and they hurried to their parents’ house. When I got home at home and relaxed a bit, my daughter said, E, I will play outside. “Take care of the car and do not go too far” I called out. Then, my daughter is not coming home easily, so I went worriedly and wanted to go searching, I came home with a half bleed.

When saying “I was worried about where I was going,” unbelievable words came out from my daughter’s mouth. “Well, my funny older brother told me to come over here. When I told you I’m not going, I was being dragged in and out. Well, it was pulled by a different person from behind, it was put into a temple (thing of that shrine) and it was not able to go out.”

I was surprised myself. No way. Face A was also pale with A next to it. “Ah, what happened? I did not see anything?” A confusingly confirmed that there was nothing in the body. “Yeah. I have not seen anything. After waiting a while, the door opened, I came back. Dad, mom, I am sorry.” A caressed E and frantically soothed it.

I immediately contacted my older brother. After that, my older brother offered to return to Motoyama and want to practice. He seemed to have various places in his older brother, and I went to Motoyama with my parents and the experts gaining approval. My older brother immediately answered the phone.

“O, T? I have not seen you for a long time. I will also return to the day after tomorrow. Why are you in that situation? What is that !! What happened to you!” My brother seemed to notice something, and when I explained the situation. “Run away from the city right now! No, it’s too late. Are you sure? I will tell my parents and the manager of that shrine right now and settle down at that shrine. Do not go out absolutely! We will soon go.”

“What’s wrong? Why did that shrine. What did you do!” When I am confused because I can not grasp the situation of my satisfaction. “A guy who is aiming at you, it will be fashionable seriously! It is not such a level as a ghost or a ghost. It is exactly a demon! I can not believe it, how can I be like that. Are you sure? Go to the shrine soon!” I called off and the phone ran out.

Although I was confused, I talked about the circumstances to everyone, while I was making a big fuss, I stayed at a shrine. And I decided to wait for the morning in a room with a theological body. Late in the night, as soon as I got sleepy. “Hey! I am! I came! Open it!”, I heard my older brother’s voice from the front entrance. However, they thought that they could not be brothers and said, “If you want to enter, you should put it from there.”

I and A knew who the guy was. “M. I do not know. I know. Why is it? Why do you, us?” The entrance opened at the moment I said, there was M as it was. E said, “Onii-chan who tried to take A. E.” After all. I thought so. And perhaps I thought that it was a god festival in this shrine that I could pull E from behind and enter the shrine. I felt that God who returned to normal protected their daughter who was the victim of that incident.

I entered this shrine and was near me, and I felt that way. “That older brother, why is your body black and dark?” My daughter said. And again looking at M, the whole body wrapped like a dark aura. It was not eyes, it was a black eye. And the waves of hate, grudge, murderous intent, etc. about to be about to lose just being here are overflowing. Demon. I remembered what my older brother said. It was exactly a demon.

How can we be human beings like this? I was trembling with my sense of mission to protect my family and my fear of being in front of my eyes. Myself and M stayed in a glance for a while. Probably M thought to attack them, I thought that it would not be possible for the bodies to disturb themselves. I went before to be a shield of two, A was hugging E firmly. And in the morning, M’s power also weakened, and it will be purged next time by the devils who run.

M looked like it was understanding it, and was staring at us with the body in a terrible manner. Then, he squirted something and disappeared while staring alternately with myself and A, E with black eyes. The morning sun was rising. I was relieved that myself was over. A was crying. E was sleeping. My brothers came running for a while and we decided to clean up again.

It seemed that the other party was getting too much with the other party, but I was told that purification was completed successfully. And we were called to the room of the theological body, and this time, I was told the beginning and the truth of the last incident. First of all it is M, but when it turned into a demon so far, purification and ghosts were said to be impossible, and it was told that we had only to erase it. The extinction of the soul.

It is said that there was no soul continuing from the previous life, it is true death, not to be born again, of going to the other world. I thought that there was not such a terrible thing. And in the last incident I heard that M is dead, but the truth is that he was suicide. It was said that the injury of the classmate was the work of M. I was also told that it was M that I was manipulating those evil spirits at that time from the beginning that it seems that it was a planned liver try targeting myself and A. My older brother told me that he knew everything when purifying M.

It was that M started myself against a trifling thing (it seems that it was still small at this time). From then on, something M had become a grudge almost equal to the opposite grudge, compared with myself, thinking that he would take his own girlfriend (A) to his belly, and he had a word. About this, I have heard from A as well. But A does not turn around at all and gradually M seems to be serious about A. But because A does not turn around at all, it turns into hatred one after another, and in the same way, it was that he pointed his opponent to himself.

At that time, M who knew that he was involved in the affair of that shrine. (I was told that they probably heard that adults are talking). I went to that shrine and said that the big tree was driving nails into a straw doll while shouting “T curse and slay”. The evil spirits of the shrine tried to take in M, but it turned into a form to be used contrary to the frightfulness of so much grudge.

And M seems to have made the worst decision to myself to become evil spirits to kill me and to drag A into myself. It seems that other members thought only as a sacrifice degree. At first I thought about killing A and other people altogether, but it was disturbed by amulets and brother’s friends, I heard that he decided to call myself by a fake phone in a hurry. Oh, I did not say important things. It seems that M had already died when the test of liver began.

It was that he was hanging his neck like a glare at the straw dolls that were struck by a big tree. (So ​​at that time, it would have been said that only you should not see it). I tried to take down evil spirits and kill themselves, but it did not work because there was a talisman. I tried to make evil spirits go out of the shrine. I was not able to see them at that time, but my brother’s friends taught me that I kept themselves desperately.

And because the talisman could play as if it were a substitute, it means that it was pushed back to the shrine with that power. At the time of purification, he hid himself in a large tree to pretend it was purified and he was asking opportunities while recruiting grudges. And M, who found E, took action again. This time it was that it was hindered by the shinto body I tried to use and put an end to that hatred.

I did not know what I could say. Although I was not conscious, I knew that I was the origin and could not hide the shock. “Okay. So just before M disappears.” The other two seemed to have not heard well, but I heard it clearly. “Why, always you always.” I was crying. For those involved, I cried M with sorry feelings and anger towards myself. “It’s over already? It’s all right.” A also said that while crying.

“Dad, mommy, does something hurt? Did something happen to you a little while ago?” E looked anxiously worried. I embraced the two of them and cried. That nightmares is over. So, I was surrounded by guilt and relief. After that incident, we went around the grave of the deceased. I told my deepest gratitude at the grave of my brother’s friends and promised to come visit us every year. I also went to M’s grave.

Actually I really wanted to give you a incense stick to my parents house, but after moving it was that I do not know the way to go. Grave without soul. I myself did not know what to say to M. I only had to pray with the incense raised and my hands together. It seems that all the classmates who were hurt after being attacked by that M are doing well now. (It seems there is no memory from entering the shrine).

Notification came to open at the alumni soon. Oh, then my daughter E is now well in elementary school and I am fine. After that, E who was touched by God seemed special. We asked those of the demobilists “Can we go out to us?” Of course, I refused politely, but. The spiritual defense power of E seems to be a tremendous thing, and it was said that the ordinary evil spirit can not even approach.

I am glad that. A is bitter smile. Afterwards, when I went to other shrines etc, they were told that they existed a lot of existence protecting them. Everyone guards. I think that they will never forget their gratitude throughout their life. At the end is that shrine. Nowadays there is nothing of old age, children are playing in the precincts, occasionally a festival is held, occasionally crowded. But, we will not forget that affair. For those who died, for those who go to the shrine from now on, In order to tell this story as accurately as possible, in order to make it unforgettable, I decided to contribute in this way.