Evil Spirits

This story is a true story about evil spirits that involved myself, current wife, older brother, town for over ten years and dragged into the depths of terror. Because I am not used to writing on quite a long time, I think that there are also difficult parts to read, but please forgive me. Everything started at elementary school third grader.

Invited by three older brothers and older brother’s friends, I decided to go to the place where adults told me in a tough place “not to approach absolutely” in this town. That place is a sad shrine where nobody is right now, and it feels quite creepy and disgusting as a child. Actually I was not bothered, but I was going to be invited by my brothers in a momentarily inviting manner, and I felt like going all the way.

I and my older brother went to the scene a little while in the afternoon of the scheduled departure. Then in that place, There seems to have been a town office or town manager recently asking for work in this town, there is a man in the mid 20’s. “You guys, you should never come here no matter what happens, do not come closer. Please come back soon, are not you?” I was told that I was repelled.

But the elder brothers executed the plan on that night. The shrine is in a place where I went up a slope that stretches from the hill of the town. There were many torii at that slope and it was pretty creepy. At first, everyone was walking in a hardened state, but someone said “let’s act differently.” I decided to act with my older brother and myself, my brother’s three friends.

And, walking for a while, suddenly the air around us or the space itself. Anyway something changed. I tried to say “I want to return” to my older brother. My brother suddenly said, “I will return home, right now”, pulled my arm and turned back. My brother stopped in a little place at Torii’s place, and I was trembling looking at the front.

I also fearfully saw there, as many as a few people stood to block their path. When looking at its face, everyone turned neutral and looked neutral. My brother could not endure fear, pulled myself crying and ran. My brother screamed and fell down the moment I thought that I could let go of the children and let go. When I saw my older brother, what kind of kids he clung to my older brother.

I somehow managed to escape and call for help, but my body does not move. When I noticed that my lower body was heavy and turned my eyes. What, the old woman who turned to his whites and bared his teeth clung to his waist. I was prepared for death rather than fear. When preparing for death and closing his eyes, the old woman clinging to herself.

“Come over. Coming in here.” I murmured with a voice that sounded directly to my head. As soon as I heard that, I felt a terrible fear that should have prepared for death, I opened my eyes unexpectedly. Then the old woman had come up to her body and the face was right in front of her. I shouted as much as I could but I was wondering why neighbors did not notice though I was shouting so much.

And my brother’s friends thought what was wrong, when looking at my elder brother, the older brother was dragged to the back of the shrine by the children. I desperately asked for help and shouted. Then, I heard a certain voice that I heard from behind. “It’s all right now.” The body got lighter as soon as I heard that voice. In retrospect, that man who met in the daytime.

Many adults came from behind. I heard angry voices and worried voices. Was saved? He seemed to be safe when I saw my older brother, and I felt relieved and my back was pulled out. Telling that some older brother is still behind, the complexion of a man changes. “Too bad! It will be tough if you do not rescue quickly!” And ran with several adults.

Then my older brother’s friend was found in the shrine. In an altered state. Life was saved but he seemed to have been spirit, so that they left the town as they were, they went to the hospital and went to hospital. We were scolded by themselves to no more. Mothers were crying. I heard it later, but that shrine was originally an ordinary shrine, it seems that there was a priest with appropriate power.

However, because the power of temperament is strong, the spirits that seek help come one after another. The shrine who had dealt with properly at first was not able to endure soon, it seems he ran away as it was. Originally the shrine where the shrine is gone or it is torn down. After cleansing the place by performing proper ceremonies and the like, it seems that you have to do the thing of transferring the god that is sacrificing to another place.

Because this shrine was left untouched, there is no God who festures although there is a God who is bred. And since the spirits who are still seeking help are gathered, the nature of God has become abnormal. As a result, it was that he became a resident house. Men are asked from the town, they seem to have been sent from Motoyama, a magist.

That person says that this shrine seems to be in such a bad state that there are no examples in the past. I told you it needed a considerable period to purify. We got exorcises and were brought back as it was. I definitely decided not to approach that place. I thought that such thought was a lot. But that incident has just begun.

A few years later. It is now to taste the horror that is not comparable with that time. When I was in junior high school 3 years. It began to say that M in something prominent in the class to try the hepter in that shrine as it was. Myself and her girlfriend (now his wife) A were invited, but it triggered, and an incident involving brothers and towns came up.

I heard that M told to go to the shrine to go to the shrine, I did not stop trembling. And M is “Hey! T (You are yours.) You too will come?” A is also inviting so will you come? You surely will not run away? I invited you with a word that seems to be a provocation. I obviously declined myself. “No, not bad, but not going. You better not go there any more. You better stop it because you do not say bad things.”

I also stopped, but M did not listen at all. On the contrary, I have abused himself as a coward, knowing himself and being parenthesized. Even if I persuaded it many times, it was useless. I should have said myself in detail about that time. I can not say because I was strictly prohibited from adults in town and that man “I can not say that thing to people”.

To say the reason for being forbidden. The relationship between people and people, relationships are not as easy as ordinary thinking, they are deeper and more complicated. Even if you have not talked a little bit (even if you say greeting). That person seems to have a relationship with it and to be connected. (There seems to be strength). Even if the bosses of the principals are bad, they seem to be connected without relation.

The famous “spirituality” also said that this is related. Talking to that person as he is afraid of being involved with that incident as a matter of course, may be connected to that ghost. It was a thing that there was a possibility to call people who knew the incident through their own. That’s why I could not say the incident. Speaking of it, speaking to someone who does not concern, M may be talking to people.

I tried to stop going somewhat, but in the state that there is no island to be attached. Conversely, during the grade “T is a coward”, It is a coward who does not go myself by letting her go. I will not go as far as Ijima, but I got a bit isolated. Why did M take such attitude towards himself? The reason was really the last of this case. It became clear from a few years after this time.

I persuaded myself as being A alone, “R (A best friend) also goes and promised, so I can not refuse it.” he asked me. It seemed that he had a little distrust in myself when he heard the story that M had played. I do not want to leave A, but I do not want to go there again. I can not stop talking about the truth. (Even though I tried to tell it only to A, maybe M and R might forcefully heard it). When I was suffering, I remembered one thing.

From that man after that incident, “You also have the possibility of harming you again, so keep this. I do not say it is a part of your skin, but leave it as close as possible. As long as you have this, as long as it’s not okay, is it okay?” And there was a thing that my grandfather and my brother gave me an amulet resembling a beads.

I made it to A. “I can not go after all, so please take this and do not forget or lose it.” I handed it over. A also suffered a bit, but I accepted it after acknowledging it. Since I have two, I thought that it would be okay to pass one. The other one is what my older brother had, but my older brother is not at home any longer. I will tell you later where my older brother went.

And the night of the day of the test of liver planned by M came. The night that was like a nightmare for themselves. On the evening of the test day, I regretted a bit. You ought to have stopped everyone by force. Even though A is doing, is not it least that you are scared because you are scared? When. When I was suffering from my room, the telephone began to ring from the lower floor.

My parents rarely pick up the phone so I answer the phone. “Ah! It is! T? A is hard! It is! Just come soon! It is!” The phone was from R.
“What’s going on, what is happening? What is A state like?”
“Anyway help! It is! It’s a shrine right now! It is! Come quickly! Early! It is!”

I thought it was the worst situation. Regretfully I regret that A was a serious thing owing to my cowardice. I was afraid of A about my fears anymore and decided to go to a shrine. However, it may be impossible for me to go alone. Although I was a little worried, I decided to consult with my parents. Although I should have done this from the beginning, it is abhorred as M or “cowards who have been good for adults” in other words, everyone is disliked by A.

I could not say it with selfish self-conscious thinking. I was full of self-hated feelings. Actually I wanted to talk with my older brother, but my brother was attacked by a spiritual phenomenon even after that incident. Apparently my brother seemed to be more seriously affected by that incident. It will be cleaned up by Moto Motoyama of the demonist relationship (I will call this as it is because I do not know how to express it) and now it is not.

On his departure. “Because I go out of the way, you do not have it, because I think that there are two more effective than one,” he handed the amulet. When I tell my parents they hurried very badly. “Collect the people in the town and contact them, you absolutely should not leave the house!” I went out. I also went to the shrine a couple of days because A and everyone was anxious about it.

But I should have noticed then. I do not mind knowing my home phone number from A or because I am a classmate. How did you call from the shrine? Mobile was not so popular yet at that time, and nobody in the class had it. I reached the entrance torii. I hesitated to enter in its eerie atmosphere as it is, but I never came in. When I was trembling with fear, I thought myself that the evil spirits did not show up.

The precincts of the shrine were quiet. No, it was too quiet. If something is going on, everyone’s screams and screams should come true. Going further, I saw someone sitting in. Take a good look at it. I ran over quickly and asked, “A! OK, what happened? Everyone?” While listening to A’s shoulder, heard it. “Ah. T. Ugh.” A cried out.

“What on earth was it? There was not an injury, where did everyone go?”
“I do not know. If I was walking for a while, everyone suddenly became silent, I went ahead. If you try to chase you say it falls, no matter how much you shout it will not answer. Then a strange child came out, pulled up to here.”

I thought it was bad hearing it. It is very similar to that time. At that time I noticed that phone call. Anyway, take A and get out of here. If you look back then, there were 2 or 3 children staring at you. Ops! It is! I thought, I found A to stand and tried to escape, I noticed. The children are different in expression from their children at that time. I was watching over with an angry face.

“That girls. I’ve pulled myself so far.” A said with tears.
“Please leave early from here,” the children said to themselves.

Why? And when you are watching the kids. I know. I know these children. The moment I felt so, I knew who the children were. It was my brother’s friend who was caught in that time. “Oh, oh that is. I guess you guys brought A here, right? Do you protect us from demons now?”. I was crying. And to A. “Since those children are okay. Let’s go out now, adults will come later, so let’s find everyone.”

I said, I calmed it. A nodded naked and started walking. However, suddenly the surrounding air changed. A also noticed it and stopped his feet. And as I looked around, the evil spirits stood around them.


I screamed almost at the same time and I got caught in the place. Those kids restrained me, but the limit has come? We hugged each other and had only trembled with fear. However, the evil spirits did not come near here. I immediately realized that there is a talisman. As I saw A, I had a talisman in my arms properly. Is there a high effect because there are two amulets? It seems I can not come closer.

“A, I will run. Because there is an amulet, it may be okay. I do not stop and look back,” I told A, and A nodded and tied hands firmly. I grabbed the stick of the neighborhood and ran though it thought that it was useless thing. I felt that the evil spirits were pursuing through my back but ran. And the torii has come into sight. “It will be okay if you go through the torii! You can get away soon!”

I continued running while speaking to A, finally passed through the torii. I was filled with escaping feeling of relief and two people sat down on the spot. However, when you look up, the evil spirits were coming soon. I think there were quite a few. It was about 4 or 5 bodies at that time. Even though purification is done little by little, the number should be decreasing.

Besides, why can you come out of the shrine? Why do you get close to that, even if you have an amulet? Even though I was fine until a while ago. Though trembling with fear, that idea came to light. And the evil spirits come closer to themselves. “Oh, oh! Why? Why have we done? Forgive me! It is! Please forgive me! It is! Help me! Mom! Mom.” Next story, evil spirits part 2.