Exchange Student

I left Japan back in 2005 to go study in an University in Missouri. I was feeling quite home sick after a few months, and the language barrier didn’t help at all. I found my self spending many afternoons in the computer lab owned by my University. Sitting in front of the cold screen of my computer, I entered my student ID before I proceed.

I spent my time chatting with people back in Japan, or checking my emails. All the excitement I had when living in Osaka seemed like a dream right now. I got used to using the computer near the windows in the corner of the room. One day, I arrived and realized that someone forgot to log out from the computer. I didn’t feel like logging out for whom ever was on the computer, so I decided to use the persons account.

As I did my usually web-surfing, I got curious to find out what kind of web sites the person before me have surfed. I expected a few p*rn, but there was only one html listed in the search history. I opened the html, and I got a black screen with a streaming video. In the video, there was a women sitting down on a chair.

Thats all I thought at first, but I realize the writings on the bottom on the video. “This is Susan Garrison, she will die in 30 minutes. I felt disguested. Even if it seemed like a hoxs, I didn’t care. Some jokes are not funny. I surfed some more, and I realized the video I saw earlier was getting the best of me.

I wanted to know what a blank home page with a video really had in store. So, after awhile, I went on my history and found the website. The woman was still here, but she looked exhasted. No, she wasn’t exhasted, she was dead. For some reason, I kept on going back to the website. I didn’t want to go to the police since I was not certain that it wasn’t fake. After a while, I notice that there is a prediction on the bottom left corner of the page.

“Next Target: Karl Gates. Address: 326 Rose Street, MO.” After I came back 2 days later, I found a man in the video. “This must be karl Gates..” I told my self. This is when I realized that it might be a good idea to the tell the police. Before I did, I decided to look at the name of the next target.

“Next Target: Yuri Katayama. Address: 615 Rockhill road, MO.” It was me. Without going home, I went to the police and told them what I saw. They told me that my apartment was broken into, but they were not able to catch the person who broke in the apartment. While having a police officer stick by me, I packed and left the country as soon as possible. After I went back to Japan, I never attempted to go to that website again.