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There was a time when I was enlisting in the SDF before. One day, I was ordered by the superior official to clean up the garrison in the garrison. Originally I was not interested in military relations, so cleaning was bored. But when I found an old letter and picked it up, my tears stopped stopping for some reason.

It may be difficult to understand because there are a lot of technical terms. I was a member of the SDF immediately after graduating from high school. One day of late education in July, there was a cleaning of a small museum in the garrison. In the explanation of the group leader this garrison was originally a base of the naval air corps.

It is like relics of the former Japanese army. Because it is open to the public at the garrison festival, it is an educational party’s annual event to do the cleaning up to that. Synchronization of the military Otta was extremely pleased, but I am not interested and I am glad anyway. Rather it was more comfortable than battle training, shooting training, march training.

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When cleaning started, I was doing the cleaning in the showcase that seemed to be lucky. It’s like an old letter wrapped up like a lap. When trying to remove it from the table for the hand, it is difficult to read because the spot has entered and the letter becomes thinner. What I am trying to read is what makes a terrible sad for some reason. Even the great momentum caused the tears to run off and on, I could not read the letters.

As I wrote in my previous lesson, I did not know the Japanese military faith at all and so I was not sure what myself was crying for myself. Or since tears started to flow, I got into a strange feeling that I was not myself. After that it seems that it was held in machico sync and grouping and brought to the medical office. I do not remember it at all.

However, if I talk about synchronization and grouping, I should apologize to something for everything in an awfully masochistic mode. Outside the business on that day, I was completely resurrected I was invited to the group leader of another team with a keen taste. I got a lot of fun to ask.

Because I am scared and scared, I talk about everything honestly. It seems that the group leader seems to be a “visible person.” There are cases in which it becomes neurosis in the spirit case, so it seems that he wanted to investigate. When it is a story of a visible group head, it seems that it will be on a daily basis in the place where it was an ammunition store or a runway during the former Japanese army period in the training ground.

It was a question of whether things of such kind are not bad. I have never seen a ghost like this since I was born, so I do not have any such experiences. It seems that it was not suitable for the expectation of the visible group leader. After all, when it gives bad anxiety to synchronization, it is various Mazui, so I am a former Japanese military believer on the surface. Every year on the end of the war, it was made to be a right wing like visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.

I originally joined in order to secure funds for going to university, so I will retire in 2 years, 4 years. At the drinking party of the syncitation meeting held yesterday, the spirit of the active group who was dispatched to the Great East Japan Earthquake. When I was dull at a story that would not make it a sharp variety including non-ghosts.

I asked the group lead who remembered exactly the thing like that letter. That letter is the last letter addressed to my family by a special official who volunteered. It was a very valuable source of information provided by the bereaved family. And it seems that the battlefield of that special officer was unknown battle result (team seeing apparently special failure).

I was talking to the group leaders who saw afterwards variously. There is a very scary image from the appearance that the ghost of the old Japanese soldier. Basically it seems to be almost harmless ghosts unless you sprinkle a little from here. Conversely thing that there is no forgiveness for the opponent who puts a little on.

Absolutely do not visit spirit spots to such places. And when I experienced this, the headmaster seemed to have thought that something was wrong with the letter, so when I called, I was told by smile that I was going to shiver as much as I could not cry or laugh It was. If I think that I should tell a lie then the back muscles