Family Burned

The story I heard from my mother thought that I was scared enough to die. One day, there was a fire in the vicinity of my parent’s house, and it seems that my sister and mother who was exposed to Noda Ma went to see. However, since the fire engine is stopped and working, I do not know where the house is. Then there will be a fire There are families of acquaintances of my mother living in the vicinity.

“No, I do not mind”. It seems that someone came near my mother with my family saying to his wife. “It’s tough, have you stayed home?” To my mother talking to “I wonder how it is.” I wonder if it burns everything. Hey, do not cry anymore! And while the husband answered. “A-tsu! Ah-te-no!” He seems to have been to a child who was kidding uselessly.

My mother says, “Hey, it’s hot, I guess because the fever has come so far, but I will disappear a bit more.” She seems to have said that his wife is bothering himself “I’m sorry,” because her child said “Atsu, Atsui”. Then the husband, “Okay, my house was burning so I’m going to stay somewhere today.”

“It seems that he was headed towards the station with.” Hah!, in the end “with a cheerful voice.” I wish my wife was a bit depressed. My mother who came home got frightened by her husband, “Why do you think about it? Even though my house is burning, it is somewhat muzzy or something like a family member who gave out a fire, if it says happily.”

While saying that, I explained the situation to me and my father. My father said “Do not miss the train horse” and went to the bedroom as “Take care of the fire”, so that story ended. The next day, there was coverage of the fire in the news. The headline was written as “family-centered. Man forcibly kills a child and a wife.” Announcer said that. The lord of the house was that family (a ghost) that my mother and my sister met yesterday. It was the most shocking fear I ever had, that news only.