First Time Psychic Experience Part 2

So I checked the episodes of the spot one by one. I was wrong. The first waste tunnel. First of all in the Showa era there were falling rock accidents and more than 50 people died. So you can build what you call Maria? The Maria statue seems somewhat obscure (spiritually). And there was a station, there was a big train accident there and more than five people died. And it was where the memorial monument or something was built.

Eyeglass bridge of the second cultural heritage seems to be quite famous spiritual spot. About 500 deaths came out at the time of construction of an old-fashioned eyeglass bridge. The tunnel until I go to that spectacle bridge is also hurting or anyway. Both of them were spirit spots of Gachi.

After finishing investigating the episode, the three people felt like the face was pale as the face caught. Because I did not want to be nearby for the time being. Miki “that is strange.” Because I say it’s going to stop ceasing. I “What happened? Did you even see something?” I pointed at the screen of the smartphone.

Miki “The battery is on the increase. It was absolutely 50% a while ago, but it is 58%. I wonder if you made a mistake.” I said. I thought it was a mistake in seeing, but when I remember that, I remember saying that when I was about to be about 40% already, I was saying charging. I will not say such a thing when 58%. That’s why the goose bumps were amazing there.

So there was nothing wrong from that, I sent each one to the local and I also returned. I wanted to talk to someone by all means when I was on my way home, I called her suddenly. This kind of thing happened a while ago! When she said. “No, that’s amazing. I still have a strange sound calling one thing. It sounds like a strange mechanical sound like a woo!”
I: “No, no, it sounds like a car?”
She: “No, I do not. Because it sounds like it sounds occasionally.”

I almost got to cry. I do not have inspiration Why do I have to meet this kind of eye. With that, safely staying home safely tentatively sprinkle salt for the time being. It was hard to sleep. I just felt tired from various things and I fell asleep after a while. I feel sorry for the psychic phenomenon that I experienced for the time being, but I can not speak it well.

I still think so now but I do not know why such a thing happened. I was terribly scared because I thought it was a car navigation system like a tomb or an urban legend or a fictional story and was smiling with my nose. It was here. I studied various car navigation psychic phenomena and afterwards but after all it is not so much that kind of person. Because my car’s genuine navigation is old, I did not use it and I heard that something like that happens in the navigation of the smartphone is being brought to the spirit or something.