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I went to play with three people including me, to meet a friend working in Karuizawa. We met friends and finished our up-to-date report and we went to Karuizawa sightseeing. The psychic phenomenon started from the time we saw the classic outlet mall and finally ran the car to see the illumination of the Hoshino area.

Firstly, I decided to go to Karuizawa for a friend who worked by staying overnight at a surprise in a car for the first time in a while. Going smoothly, there was nothing wrong, I arrived at my destination, even dared to my friends a cheering ale, I broke up with my friends. So, I broke up early and it told me where I will go next.

It was my first time in Karuizawa and I did not buy anything when I decided to go to the outlet. I enjoyed seeing various things. I just got bored and told what to do next, so I thought that Miki wanted to see the illumination of the area of ​​the Hoshino area, so I was not very interested. I agreed to leave the HP in the Hoshino area at the parking lot of the outlet and started the guidance with the navigation of the smartphone when the address was copied

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It may be funny from that thought now. Although four radio waves are standing why the address was not reflected, erased the application many times → copy → departure was repeated about 5 times finally the destination was displayed. When I saw it with Pooh and HP, it was a distance that I could reach from the outlet in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Just because the land I do not know is running the car faithfully to Nabi and the fog gradually became dense. Well it was honestly weak and the weather was bad, I did not mind thinking that it was coming to the top of the mountain. Then, when I ran the car for about ten minutes it was supposed to go through the road I made Gunegane like National Highway No 18 like Iroha Slope.

Sasaki “are you in such a place? It is strange, is not it? Lol” Everyone felt a slight incongruity feeling as saying Nevertheless I did not go back because I entered National Highway No 18. If you believed that it might be in a quiet place and proceed along the way. Miki “that? Not strange? Just look at this.”

Sasaki: “Oh, really, why are you going to this place? Because I say Nabi because it says, the middle of National Highway No 18 was the destination”.
So then, Miki: “You can not see it in such a place.”
Sasaki: “What will you do if you are a tomb?”
I: “do not say scary”

Together with a joke, I believed that there is a Hino area and kept on stepping forward. And finally the navigation about the destination “It’s a destination. I will finish navigation.” Because it says everyone? here? Is it? While thinking about stopping the car and looking at the left. There is a waste tunnel that is blocked as I think that I do not feel inspired. Both of us got silent and I and I were not very sweaty.

Miki: “Hey! It is! I’m not going! Is it? Let’s go quickly! It is! Is it? Is it?”
Sasaki: “This is really serious! me! Let’s go quickly!”
I answered with a slight hoarse voice and immediately left the car. So I thought that I was caught with three people but I relaxed halfway and reset the navigation again. As I advanced, I received google GPS by time difference and looked at the screen reflecting the route, the goose bumps fell.

That waste tunnel is also the destination. I was afraid, scared, ignoring and continuing. Then at last Nabi pointed to a place different from the waste tunnel and three people were relieved.
Sasaki: “You were tough at me.”
Miki: “I’m terrified, but why are you serious?”

I was looking back on the previous incident. So I was concentrating on driving because the fog was terrible on Gunegune way. Here again Miki. “That, seeing and navigating.” Because I say navi, another place other than the waste tunnel of No. 18 was also the destination and it was almost in the middle also.
Sasaki: “This time it’s the Hoshino area, is not it?”
I: “I do not understand but you are in such a place.”

For now, I decided to run the car and go to my destination. Also, what if I waste tunnel or tomb. I prayed that I would arrive in the area of ​​the Hoshino area. And after a while Navi “I arrived at my destination. I will finish navigation.” I told you. Three people noticed anomalies again. Looking at the left there was also a bridge-like building like a strange dam. When I looked closely at eyes, it was a thing I did not know quite a bit like old.

Sasaki: “You’re lying. What is this?”
Miki: “Eh, uh what exactly?”
And they all panicked. That’s why I’m driving a car right away. I managed to survive by stepping through Route 18. I was tired mentally soon after I passed National Road No. 18 so I dropped by a convenience store.

So they tried out at the same time and remembered the previous event and was confused. So I thought that the address I entered in Navi was wrong in the first place. I thought, I duplicated the address in Navi and tried searching it with Google again. Then I also flew to the HP in the Hoshino area. At that time, the fear degree of each of three people increased rapidly.

And as I started the guide, I returned to National Route No. 18 and the destination next to the outlet has become the destination. At that point, the route Navi first introduced first becomes meaningless. And, depending on that navigator, everyone began to investigate what kind of place they ran.

There was one place I was talking about “Usui Pass”. Well who knows of course it was like I knew. We did not stop searching because we knew nothing about Yaba. And when you are studying spiritual spots related to “Usui Pass” and various things. Sasaki “Ah, this is it.” Because it says it’s me and I’m back! When I looked at the screen, there was an image of the first waste tunnel the first.

It may be that manians, such as maniacs, knew about it. It is said to be a waste tunnel leading to Bear Hirado Station. And I knew the identity of the second mysterious building. It was a bridge called an eyeglass bridge with that cultural heritage. Next to first time psychic experience part 2.