Flapping Sound

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Desmond Koh have just finished his final examinations at a local institute. He hurried home, after a quick drink with friends, chatting about everything and nothing, just happy to be over the exams. When he got home, he was glad that his mother has left some meal for his dinner. His mother and sister have left for the night to their new apartment on the other side of town.

As my father was doing better in his work, he decided of moving to a better apartment for everybody. My mother and my sister have moved most of our belongings. They have left only the bare essentials for me and my father to bring along. My father has to work and I have to prepare for my examinations. Since we are Christians, a crucifix was placed in the front of the living room.

However, mother must have taken it and brought to the new apartment. After taking a bath and a quick dinner, he decided to check on the shows on the television. After several hours of relaxing on the television, I heard a repeated loud flapping sound, sound. The sound came from behind the curtains next to the television. It sounded similar to a bird-like sound hitting repeatedly on the curtain.

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Shocked and terrified, Desmond desperately wondered it was. It cannot be bats as it look much larger than bats or birds besides their flat was on 8th floor! He saw vaguely the shape of creature through the closed curtain and for a minute he thought of opening the curtain.

He was freaked out, instead he hurriedly bundled out from there into his bed in his room! The next morning, his father mentioned that when he was trying to sleep last night, he thought he heard a woman screaming. When he went to check it out, he found nothing.