Floating Lady

Emily Liang was only about 6 years ago, when he lived in Balakong, in the 1990s. She lived in the area called Balakong Taman Jaya in a terrace house, together with his parents and siblings. Balakong is a huge township in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Balakong is located between the boundary of Kajang and Cheras. The township consists mainly of residential condominiums, office complexes and factories.

Balakong originally was surrounded by rubber plantation used Tin Mining Lakes. Most families in the village was rubber tappers. There a was primary school, a few Chinese temple, a wet market, a Lutheran church (on a hilltop), a cowboy town street, a people’s town hall and a football field.

It was about 10 pm and Emily was ordered not to bother her 2 older brothers’ as they have to study for their examinations. So Emily left in the living room with her mother busy with her laundry, folding the dried clothes. Emily was busy working on her colouring book and sitting at the window of the living room.

As the nights were very hot, the sheer curtains of window was pulled back to allow fresh air into the living room. Emily was looking at the opened windows when she noticed a white clothed lady at the side of the road. The lady suddenly floated to 6 meters and then she floated to the ground (actually floating but just above the ground) and then up again. Then the mysterious lady apparition started to move to the left and right. Emily was more curious than scared by the strange spectacle.

Emily turned to her mother, who was facing the other direction, and she tugged at her mother saying, “Mum, woman can fly”. Emily’s mother merely shrugged and gently sigh said, “OK. Colour your books”. Emily’s aunt to stayed with them before they moved to another suburb a few years later. She has always refused to say anything about that house. Until just recently, Emily’s aunt finally relented and described exactly as the mysterious lady who floats.