Friendly Ghost in the Office

One of my neighbours is named Andrew Chong and is a retiree and stays with his wife and his youngest daughter. He has three other children but his two eldest are married and live on their own. His daughter, Mavis, stays with his parents, working in nearby town of Rawang, Selangor, in a company dealing with in Travelling agency. Mavis at 24 years old is a strong-willed girl and much to her parents’ distraught and was wondering when their daughter will find a suitable guy to marry.

Mavis worked in a three-storey linked shoplots in town which they have moved just recently. There were 4 office workers (including Mavis) and an office manager. They moved into two storeys the second and the third floor with the top floor for files and other things for storage. Her previous office was in a double storey shoplot which was a bit old, which was also in Rawang. She is a very dedicated employee and most nights will find her working overtime.

One night when she was working alone at 9pm, she suddenly felt a chill in the air. The air was so cold like the air-conditioner was on full blast. She quickly walked to air-conditioner controller and support or holder which was near the walkway but realized the air-conditioner was switched off.

She abruptly heard a soft whisper of a young woman giggling. She looked at the darken office and she thought that it was strange when nobody was around. The whisper came from the kitchenette and the toilet which was located at the back of the office. Again she heard the giggling whisper again and she walked to the washroom to better determine the strange sound. She walked to the narrow corridor leading the kitchenette and asked who was there.

Abruptly she gone a shock that her office colleagues telephone was ringing and she hurried back to answer but the call but there was no dialing tone. Again the sound of a giggling laughter could be heard except it was much louder and actually coming from her actual office! She thought that this cannot be her own imagination running wild and feeling scared and confused, she immediately packed her stuff and left her office.

When she and her colleagues went the next morning they found that personal belongings have been moved. For example, photos, posters and even figurines of “Angry Bird” were moved the manager’s table! Mavis quickly explained her weird experiences from her previous night. Her colleagues was very excitable and dismayed but after a few days they have used to the friendly ghost.

Although it was an annoying office ghost it was a friendly ghost. Mavis got an extra companion to keep her company during the late nights from her office. I guess she have only to worry about the snatch thieves which lately have recently been rampant with the ordinary residents.