Fujikyu Highlands Haunted Hospital

Fujikyu Highlands was one of my visits during my holiday in Japan. Fujikyu Highlands a.k.a Fuji-Q Highlands is well known in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. This theme park located near the beautiful scenario of Mount Fuji and it also famous for the most extreme and thrilling roller coasters. Haunted hospital is one of the attraction in Fujikyu Highlands.

The Japanese love haunted houses and well, is true! This haunted house apparently is a hospital and it is believe that they remade the exact building as the real hospital which is believed to be haunted. They made a superb walk through in the hospital with only charges of additional 500 Yen.

There isn’t many people queue up for that haunted house when I was there. Before start the walk through, they first give u an introduction which i don’t quite exactly understand what it is all about as they speak in Japanese. After the 10 min brief, I was brought into a small theater and a short documentary was played as an introduction.

I think they trying to give us some feel of horror. After that, each group of visitor is issued a flashlight and I was guided by the only walkway throughout the journey. I passes room after room which full of blood stain, overturned lap equipment and followed by the horror stereo sounds. My group consisting of 6 person with only two guys and four girls. I guarding behind the line and the other guy lead the ways.

As I come into a room, there is a ghost, not ghost or I should call it actor portraying insane look sitting on the bed yelling. Is very creepy, we make our step faster and we came into a narrow hallway. There is an effected by virus (actor) monster in the middle of hallway. He didn’t make any movement as we passed by but for some distance, I looked back and shocked and scream loudly as that monster start walking and then run toward us. That freaking ugly monster stop chasing us as we exited the hallway.

The route getting darker and the environment really makes me scared to death. We returned the flashlight at some stage and we thought it was all over with this haunted house but surprisingly there is still long way up ahead. It’s dark and we barely see a thing. We run all the way to the exit door without a second thought and well, I am out of the haunted hospital at last.