Future I Wanted

It was a really nice guy, but for some reason happiness came up to him. In the misfortune mentally and physically it became tattered and cursed the surroundings and grudge passed away. Misfortune began to arise among friends familiar with him as a result of his death.

It’s been actually happening a couple of years ago or recently I wonder if I can write it? I think that his seventh anniversary has ended and everyone is relieved. I also wanted to spit because I also had patience. Thanks for your poor sentence, so I wonder if it will succeed. I tried the seventh anniversary for me who was a junior high school, high school student and classmate.

A and club activities are also together, there was a reasonable relationship even after graduation and the course became separate. I wonder whether such A is said to be disadvantaged in female relations. My first marriage is early marriage (A graduated from high school and a society) I got married when I was 22 years old. My wife was the same age, but he seemed to have not slaughtered in relation to men, he was infatuated in marriage three years and divorced.

Since then, I’ve been trying various things and going out with a different woman. Mostly it ends in a form in which A is discarded. (Although it says not to be misunderstood, there is little such thing as A personality problem, almost the opponent’s unfaithfulness). Every time I graduated from college and returned to the locality, every time we parted with a grand bride or girls, I enjoyed drinking and encouraged A “I’m next!”.

And when A and I became 31 years old I could do her in A after a long time. A wants to be the last romantic age, that is, thinking seriously with her thinking until marriage. And I got engaged. It was good until. When she became a marriage blue, another person liked was created. Although it is a common story, for A it must have been unbearable along with past trauma. I want to do it again, apologize (I do not have a problem with A). I was desperately trying hard to be sorry for this, but in the end it ended up disappearing.

A became tattered and retired from work plus depressed. Such condition continued for about a year, but I started to reintegrate by synchronizing club activities with my parties and inviting some friends to drink and gradually recovering from A. We started working well, we were relieved too. But, in reality, God made A more cruel thing. I went to the hospital because I was feeling sick A.

We listened afterwards, I did not know that time but it seems they were cancer. Lost love and sickness. A gradually recognized himself, gradually began to rage. It was rough. I heard there was a word but at that time I was being told a lot from A. “Why am I alone … you are okay to be happy (I am married).”

“Does not I have the right to be happy? I wanted a child! I wanted to make a warm family!”
“What exactly can I do without it! What is it!”
“Everyone, I can not forgive myself to become unhappy just to be this!”

Resentment, on parade of spicy. Since parents of A also know the feeling of A, we have to listen silently and only. Because it says such a thing to a friend who went to encourage. After gradually becoming estranged, eventually, without having to have a year, the other world. The funeral was held quietly without informing anyone by parents’ intentions. (I knew, but my parents kept it).

The story of the previous stage so far. After that, a misfortune broke out like people around the people related to the rotation. I understand myself and write as much as I can write.

  • I got an accident and a complex fracture of the right femur (this is me).
  • Falling on a snowy day, hitting her head and unconscious for one month.
  • The company that A acted on suddenly deteriorated business performance.
  • A colleague of a company suicide suffering work.
  • Friend’s child is hit and run in the car and heavy.
  • Friend who is different is semi-burned home with fire.
  • Accident caused by nothing on a straight road. Resigning from the company responsible (says himself, that he does not know why).
  • Suddenly become worse with bride and divorce after separating.
  • A wife accidentally covered oil during cooking and a large burn.

I think that it happens by chance. What happened in 3 months. To say that it is truly amazing, I told all my friends about it. My friends asked me a story with a serious face saying “A” I am a classmate, I join with a guardian who became the temple’s priest and go to the grave of A. “Please. I want you to forgive me.” I sincerely prayed for souls. But it was useless. A appears in my dream about three days later, after repeating the grudge I said to me.

My child gets high fever and becomes pneumonia and hospitalized. About the same time, the guys who went to the tomb were scared of being hospitalized due to poor physical condition of influenza or unknown cause. (Incidentally the classmate of the classmate also slipped at the temple and fell down on the left hand).

At that time I often contact each other to confirm survival. Everyone has gone. I can not do anything I am a friend B. I was struggling but talking to all parents of A. “How do the souls of A do us?” It is impolite when I think about it now, but I’ve heard it seriously about my parents. Was my parents thinking about where I was talking about A? Suddenly, my mum said “I wonder if former Kano is OK.”

Both me and B “..by the way.” I wondered and asked my mother contact information. I listened to the address and thrown away both shame and dubbing and I went to my parents’ home in A. Ringing the doorbell at the entrance, the former Kano mom came out. At first, I was dealing with a strange looking face. If we talk about ourselves and what we have been up to now. Suddenly my mum started crying.

“I got married to a person who dated after A and got married partner’s child but I had a miscarriage” (Just after A died).
“That makes it impossible to get along with the married partner because of that, divorce.”
“I am depressed and I do not work now, I am being treated at home.”

I talked things little by little. Can we meet? When I asked, after having a bit of trouble. “I will ask my daughter.” After going in the back, A former Kano came out with Mom. Because I am engaged at a time with A, I was introduced to A and I also know the face. People introduced at that time, are you? Look at the former Kano whose personality has changed as much as I thought. I was more convinced than when I heard about my mother what happened to my former Kano.

That’s why I took off the first mouth and put it out The word “Are you bothered by A?” About 5 years ago I wonder why such a dialogue came out at that time. At that time, that word came out naturally. Then the former Kano swayed his neck vertically and burst into tears. At the house I had lived with my marriage partner after married as I heard later. Suddenly the light bulb cracks, electric appliances start to move without permission, beaten with dongdon from outside the wall. I heard the voice of A coming closer and seemed to have miscarried from that stress.

I thought that the grudge against former Kano and us is that big. Together with friends, experts of the spirit and the local shrine, Itako of the mountain. I tried various exercises already, but none of them had any effect. (Will we be killed by A as it is). I was chased to talk with my friends. Later, when a variety of large and small misfortunes continue.

I heard from a friend of a friend B that there are some people who have been paying for a long time in a village a long way away. I tried to visit him with a friend B with a feeling that strayed to the straw. That person is an old lady whose age is 80.

“This is it.” Before the explanation of our circumstances was over.
“I understood the circumstances, but it will not be possible for me at all.”
“I can see him, let me do what he could not do while he was alive.”

I was told (What he could not do). From there it acted pretendingly already. First go to A’s home and see if your parents have an engagement ring. Because my parents had taken it, I will borrow it. Talk to people of unaffected people who continued to be influenced (friends, former colleagues) to recruit more colleagues.

I went to the former Kano’s house, three men who passed me as soon ascended to persuade my former Kano and gaining consent. And again with the priest and friends who went before the grave to the grave of A again. Have your business open the grave under your parents’ witness. From A former Kano who got an urn containing A and wore an engagement ring there. Have a wedding ring bought with a campa that I recruited. Make a mistake of a wedding ceremony in front of the grave by giving a ring from Waja to former Canon on behalf.

I thought that I do not have anything to say “congratulations for marriage” towards the grave afterwards. It’s a strange atmosphere when seen from the side, but all the gathered people were seriously themselves. And I will return the urn to the grave on behalf of. Do not do absolutely if you usually do to win a beer who likes A like to win a grave like everyone else’s celebration like a celebration. At the end I will write a warp in Yasusho, turn incense incense and end on that day.

Everyone was half-trusted whether A was satisfied with this. But after that, completely no funny thing happens. Even in confirmation to everyone everyone is in a similar situation. Then, after a few weeks A came out in my dream. I do not remember well. A apologizes for being so insulted, and I feel like I was a preaching dream. After such a dream, on the other hand, there were many good things for everyone.

Private life, work, money side, interpersonal relationship With such things wondering and troubles are gone. Originally A was bright, sociable and was a companion able to rely on club activities that everyone would go forward even though it is disgusting. Immediately before the death, I think now that it was a runaway to chase myself and go crazy.

The 7th anniversary of A that ended last week. At that time, people involved gathered and took a drinking party named a social gathering party. Everyone’s different in time, but A was appearing in my dream. At that time, I came out to the dream of former Mr. Kano who cooperated with me. It seems that he has apologized to his eyes as soon as possible.

When I said “Thank you” I was satisfied and disappeared But I heard the words. I thought that the woman is true true. (Former Kano remarried two years later, now she lives happily with her husband and daughter). The word the friend C said at the end. “After all, did not he just want to return to the former cano and the principal sheath? The most feminine.”

Next is a story to talk about thirteen times to open up. After all, scratching and scratching, the last thing was that kind of thing. I could not help laughing at all until the aftereffects of that time had disappeared. I thought that it is not just a grudge against a woman, but there is also a grudge that comes from the regularity of a guy. I was really tired then.

Even now I am coming to somewhat more headache, but if I also thought about A’s anxiety at the time. I guess it can not be helped either. If you are all present at the funeral, or something you think a lot. A no longer came out dreaming at all now. I thought that they would laugh and forgive me to write them here. Sorry for a long sentence, a random sentence whose meaning is unknown. This is the end of this story. I wanted to say it all the time, but I could not say it to anyone so I refreshed it Thank you.