Ghost Dog

I’m not quite sure if this took place in Alaska or not, actually, but this is a story that my Grampa told me. (And no, it’s not fake. He said it actually happened to him.) One day, quite early in the morning, my Grampa woke to the sound of a dog barking. When he opened his eyes, and looked around, he saw a ghostly looking lab (I believe he said it was) sitting by his bed, still barking at him. He told the dog to go home, and he went to bed, the dog disappearing. He obviously wasn’t affected with the fact it was a ghost but, eh.

A week went by, and the dog kept appearing, barking at him. Every now and then, Grampa would wake up to the dog gone, but it was still barking. After a while, he decided to go to my Grammy, and asked her what he should do. I guess my Grammy is (or was) someone who could see, and talk to ghosts and such on a regular basis. Well, after he asked her, she told him next time he saw the doggy, to ask it what was the matter.

And so, the next morning, my Grampa woke to the dog barking again. He followed my Grammy’s advice, sitting up and looking at the dog. He then asked it “What’s the matter little fella?” The dog then responded – like, actually talked, telling his story of why he was there.

The little guy was looking for help. When he was alive he had a master and best friend who was a young girl. He loved to play with her, and one of the games he played was to hide her toys. He had recently hidden one of her favorite toy dolls in some woods near by, and saw that the little girl was upset because she couldn’t find it anywhere.

He was going to go back and get it, when he was run over by a truck, and killed. So, he asked if my Grampa could go and get the doll, and return it for him. My Grampa accepted, and the dog said that he had hid it under a maple tree. That day, my Grampa went into those woods, and just as the ghost hound said, right under a maple tree, the only one in miles in those woods, was a little toy doll. Grampa picked it up, and went back to return it to the girl.

After he had done so, the next day, Grampa woke up to the ghost dog again, only he wasn’t barking this time. Grampa told the dog that he had done what was asked, and returned the doll to the little girl. The dog thanked him, and disappeared, and was never seen again after that day.

I think the story is very sweet, and so is that nice dog. I’ve told many of my friends it, and seeing as my Grampa is disabled and can’t tell it himself, I’d share it all with you on here. It just goes to show that not all ghosts are bad. Sometimes you just need to ask them what’s up, so you can help them move on.