Ghost House

Zam never use to believe in ghost and in fact, he went ghost-hunting but did not see anything. When he went to Kajang, to leave in a hostel at a local College. In an incident at the hostel, he was busy taking a shower, when he caught someone peeking (did not see a face) at the top of his cubicle. Furious he suspected it was his friends and he rushed out with a towel wrapped about “vital parts”.

When he got from the shower room, he look at both sides of the corridor but found nothing. He thought, was it an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and it must be flying at the speed of light. Tired of the strange going on he decided to rent a house. However the rented house was said to be haunted.

A lot of friends have heard strange sounds and whispers in that house. However Zam was tired and did he considered it all nonsense and bullshit. One night Zam was in bed playing with computer games, when out from the corner of his eyes he realized that was something was hovering on his head. He quickly looked up and bejesus, it has a blurry face, long fuzzy hair and 2 small bat-like wings.

Oh my God! Suddenly the “thing” dropped onto his face, scared shitless he jumped out of his bed! Luckily the “thing” jumped up the bedroom window into the night. Seriously afraid, he got a bomoh (Malay medical traditional healer) who did some prayers and chanting together with providing them with talisman. They did not see the “thing” after that in the house. However he saw that “thing” 3 other times, outside in the garden, unable to get inside the house.