Ghost Hunting

My friend’s son, Tommie, is only 19 years but according to him, Tommie is really a pain in the neck. He gets in trouble, do not like to study, is a hell raiser and of course, he thinks he is God’s gift to women. However one of his favourite past time is ghost hunting. One night at a Mamak stall, getting a bit or awfully bored, he managed to persuade his 4 friends to go hunting for ghosts.

His 4 friends included 2 guys and 2 girls not including himself. As he was at Puchong, he added the vacant bungalow house in Puchong was the ideal the right place to go ghost hunting. So they drove to an isolated gigantic bungalow at the top of the hill at about 1 am. Tommie excitably told his friends that the bungalow was where an entire family were killed several years.

There were many offer from marketing agents, none of the customers were interested because of the history and because of the stories that it was haunted. Tommie and his friends brought along their flashlights but the bungalow was very dark and the over grown weeds on the ground made the structure more imposing. The front double panel door was partially broken and the ground floor was huge. There were broken furniture and floor was covered with numerous paper Chinese amulets.

Two of their friends (1 guy and 1 girl) decided not to follow them and instead waited on the ground floor for them. Tommie of course was simply trying to be a “macho man” and laughed at them for being scared. There went to the maids’ rooms which were located on the ground floor. There were broken furniture everywhere and Tommie added gleefully that two maids were also killed.

Then they went to the first floor which consists of the 3 children’s bedrooms. Moonlight and winds pouring the windowless glass panes picture a scary and eerie scene. Suddenly Tommie in a suddenly attempt to prove himself decide to urinate on the first floor. His other friends tried to dissuade Tommie’s from his antics but suddenly a red cloth came flying at Tommie’s head.

Totally startled Tommie can only scream, “What the F*ck!” His other friends screamed and they both grabbed Tommie and ran both screaming, “run, run”. Tommie was so terrified he pleading, “Mummy, help” was dragged by his friends to the ground floor and out of the vacant bungalow! They immediately drove away. According to Tommie’s father that Tommie has been a changed kid. He follows his mother around and rarely goes out. With a sigh, Tommie’s father believes it is only temporarily.