Ghost in the Neighbour’s House

Sim used to live with his parents, his siblings and of course his maternal grandmother. His grandmother was taken to live with them when grandpa passed away. They lived in a one of the suburb of Ipoh in Perak. They stayed in a double-story terrace house. One day they notice that one of new Chinese neighbours have moved into a neighbouring lot.

The new neighbours were a young couple and their two young children, a 4 year girl and a 3 year boy. One afternoon they notice that the neighbours brought a Taoist monk and he was busy chanting along with their bells. The Taoist monk went into their home and later to even to their courtyard and it took at least 2 hours to complete everything. Sim and his siblings excitably asked their grandmother what the ritual was about.

Their grandmother was not sure but promise she will find more later. Several days after that, Sim’s grandma met the young Chinese lady from the neighbourhood. While making some small talk, Sim’s grandma mentioned about the Taoist monk and the ceremony. The young lady excitably told Sim’s grandma that their house was “unclean”.

Her kids were crying and screaming and even hid under the kitchen table, with their legs and arms tucked into their bodies, and seem to be screaming, “Aunty Tudung is here, Aunty Tudung is here.” The strange thing was the previous neighbours before they left, were Malays who consisted of an older couple, four sons and their elderly grandmother. The Malay woman and the elderly lady wore tudungs.

Note: Tudungs are described as square or rectangular veils or headscarfs commonly worn by Muslim ladies or girls. Were those disturbances caused by the Malay woman or their grandmother? What happened to the Malay family? It seems like there is more questions than answers.