Ghost Kids at Grandma’s House

Sara’s grandma lived on a semi rural-urban district in Sabah. (Semi rural-urban mixed development consists of both rural and urban population). Residing on the edge of the town, Sara and her 2 younger cousins, Sharon and Damien, spend their time at their grandma’s place during school holidays. Sara’s grandma stays at an old bungalow with a large garden surrounding her property.

On the edge of her garden was a pond which is repeatedly warned by Sara’s grandma to never go and play around the pond. They were told that it was a “dirty place”. One day, Sara was bored stiff as both her cousins were tired and both elected to go back to their Grandma’s house. Sara decided to secretly creep to the back garden to have a look at the pond.

It was late evening at the time and near the pond there were several old and gloomy trees which were heavily covered with overhung leaves. When she saw the girl, around her age about 8 years old, wearing an old white gown and she just waved at Sara and all of a sudden she disappeared! Although confused and shock, Sara did not tell her cousins or her grandmother as they would not believe her besides she would get into trouble from her grandmother.

On another occasion at night, Sharon who is Sara’s cousin, went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, when she peered at the window and she was scared stiff to see a boy looking at the window, except he had red eyes! *Eck! Even Damien who is Sharon’s brother also had an unexplained encounter, when he saw a boy in school uniform looking forlornly about the garden, when he walked slowly and left in the direction of the pond.

They finally managed to convince Sara’s grandma (the aunty, uncle and Sara’s parents) to sell their house and then move to another town. Grandma’s house was finally sold off. It was several years before Sara’s grandma eventually told Sara about her house. According to her grandma, the old house was a portal or gateway for ghost kids.