Ghost Past Resident

This is my first time posting about ghost past resident, however I love to ready everyone else’s stories. I have lived in the same town on the same block my whole 25 years of life. I lived with my parents for 19 years and then purchased a home directly across the street from my parents so my son would be around his grandparents and great grandparents.

When we purchased the house it had sat vacant for almost five years. Needless to say it was in need of some major renovations. I was working 3rd shift and trying to do renovations to the residence at the same time so it took about five months to get everything finished but when we did it looked brand new and it was very nice.

Well I still lived with my parents while doing the renovations. One night I was walking over to the house from my parents to do some work. It was on a saturday night, I remember this because I had weekends off. As I was walking across the street I noticed that there was a light on, which wasn’t uncommon because my father would leave the light on for security reasons.

I got to the front step of the house and as I walked up it to get the front door I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look there was a man standing in my living room. The only description I have was the subject was approximately 6 foot tall. Just as fast as I saw it, it disappeared. I immediately grabbed the front door, unlocked it, and went inside to find out who was in my house that wasn’t supposed to be there.

I looked all over my house but couldn’t find anything. The back door was dead bolted from the inside and all the windows were shut and locked from the inside. I couldn’t really make out a good description because it happened so suddenly, but I do believe I know who he is. Approximately six to seven years prior, a family had lived there. A mother a father and a set of twins, brother and sister. The father who was a tall man had a heart attack in the front room and died right there in the front room due to the heart attack and head trauma.

I remember all this because my dad and I were standing outside doing yard work one day when the daughter came running to us and said that her dad had fallen in the front room and was bleeding from hitting the coffee table. He passed away right there in front of my dad and I while we did CPR waiting for the medics to get there. The family had went down hill after that day and had to move out due to foreclosure several years later. That was the ghost that I saw.

I never really believed in ghosts and even after that sighting, I didn’t believe until I had a few friends come over that claimed to be mediums. I hadn’t told them anything about my house except that I wanted them to come over and see if they could figure anything out. I was still a skeptic at that time. They came in and within minutes had told me almost verbatim what had happened ten years or so prior. My jaw dropped in disbelief. I am now a believer. Ever since that reading five years ago I started noticing things that most others around me hadn’t. I now believe that I have certain abilities that, prior to about three years ago I just pushed off as coincidence.

Shortly after moving in, my son’s mother, who has moved out and left my son and I, were sitting in the living room one day watching television and we heard a very strange sound coming from the attic. It sounded like someone had rolled something from the living room, which is in the front of the house, all the way back to the back bedroom. That distance is approximately 45 feet in a straight line if you are in the attic. My father and I had been up there several months earlier doing the renovations that I talked about and I remember taking everything out of there.

I know we had taken everything out of there because we had been all over that attic running new wiring due to the house only having like five outlets in the entire house. I know that there wasn’t anything up there. I forgot to mention that the entire attic is covered in about six inches of blown in insulation to keep the house warm in the winter due to us having some very cold winters. That is the other odd thing, with all the insulation covering the entire attic how did anything make a noise up there.

Well the day that we heard the sound my ex wanted me to get up there and check it out but at the time I was too scared to. A few months later my father and I had to get up there again to run some more wiring and I had forgot about the whole incident and we were working on the master bedroom, the back bedroom, and as we were crawling back there, I shined my light back there to see where the electric drop was and there was a coffee can.

I know that there wasn’t anything in there so how did it get there and more importantly how did it make all that noise when there is six inches of insulation all over the attic. Just so you know, when we heard the sound it was a clear winter day, and we heard it roll from the front room to the back bedroom.

There are more stories but I will post them in another story. Believe me, ever since realizing what I can see and hear that most can’t, a lot of weird things have happened to me. Weird things have happened to me my entire life, but I never paid attention until now.