Ghost Sightings at The White House

Ghost sightings at the White House are legendary and have been reported by such first ladies as Eleanor Roosevelt, Grace Coolidge, and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. In fact, many presidents have confessed to feeling the presence of our former leaders who, they say, seem to want to help and give their support. But visiting dignitaries and staff have also been witness to the eerie encounters, which are well documented and openly admitted by the nation’s capital.

The most frequently detected apparition is that of Abraham Lincoln who has a propensity for knocking on doors. Several presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman experienced being interrupted by the ghostly rappings and Grace Coolidge saw Mr. Lincoln gazing out a window in the Oval Office. Other reports include Lincoln sitting on his bed tying his shoes as well as standing at a window in his bedroom looking out over the grounds.

First Lady was said to be visited by the ghost of Dolley Madison when she wanted to make changes to the rose garden and even Abigail Adams has been spotted doing her laundry. Some say Mamie Eisenhower haunts the kitchen. Ghost sightings have included Andrew Jackson pacing the halls swearing up a storm and a British soldier has also been seen there. That soldier reportedly died on the grounds in 1814.

There have been cold spots, breezes and doors that open and close on their own. Reports of activity have even been reported as recently as a few weeks ago. Staff at the White House admit that it is very spooky there at night. It has been said that the scariest area is the First Family’s personal quarters.

When all the lights are turned off at night, the house is dark and every sound resounds through the halls. You can tour the White House alone or in groups. But we wouldn’t recommend going alone. If you do have a ghost sighting, you’ll want a witness around, as cameras are not allowed in the White House.