Ghostly Gravesite

While I was attending a small college in eastern Ohio a friend and I saw something astonishing. She and I were out walking after dark and came alongside a nearby graveyard. All of a sudden, laying flat out from one grave, there was a shimmering translucent figure, clearly visible to both of us, and it was wailing the name “Morgan” over and over.

We were totally freaked out and ran as fast as we could back to her dorm. The next day we ventured back to that grave site and saw that the name on the grave across from where that figure had been was Morgan! There is a postscript to this. At the time I was living in a room upstairs at an old house owned by a very old woman.

Another friend had a room next to me there. There was a big walk in closet right beside my bed. During the ensuing 2-3 weeks after the graveyard event all kinds of weird, unexplained happened in my room. Music could be clearly heard coming from the closet. One night, just as I turned out the light to go to sleep.

I heard my name screamed from right above my head and nobody was there. Stuff was happening to my friend there too. We both wound up sleeping with the lights on the last two weeks of this experience. After that it all stopped, and nothing like any of this has ever happened to me again.