GPS Cult

I have always counted on my Global Positioning System (GPS) for everything. I have no sense of direction, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when it happened. I got home from work and my wife said, did you bring the milk. I stood there and said what? “*ugh I told you to bring milk before you get home!” *ugh I’ll just have to go get it then.

I got in the car and drove to the supermarket. It took a while to get milk because it was all gone, just then a crazy looking man ran up to me and yelled “dont follow it, it’s a trap! Trust me.” Then a few men in hoods walked up to him and started dragging him away. As they got out of the doors he yelled “dont trust the GPS.”

OK then, it wasn’t the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, probably just some teens playing a prank. I got to the checkout and bought the milk. When I got in my car and started it. I heard the familiar *ding of the GPS. It was telling me to go to a different route but I didn’t think of it that much. I took a right turn and stopped at a old rusted building, I looked and my GPS is freaking out.

Out of complete curiosity. I go in, and I see vandals painting a pentagram on the wall. I see a framed door to my right of this old creepy dusty building and all I see ok’ing out from it is a very dim orange light. I walk through it and see a horrifying sight. The three people in cloaks I saw at the grocery store standing next to a circle of candles.

In that circle were four headless bodies I almost threw up. Two more people in hoods grabbed me and put my head on a nearby anvil I saw. One came up and said “for thirty years we have been waiting for this moment” to summon our leader back to destroy you pathetic humans.

“You are our last subject that we need.” He lifted up a sword that was in his hand and you did the only thing you could think of. You luckily found a sharp rock you could use, and you hit the mans leg. I heard a scream and I looked at the man holding the sword and he was in a ball holding the rock that apparently empaneled his leg I got up as fast as I could and I ran down the graffiti and cobweb filled hallway but I knew I had to do something before I left I had to get rid of the ritual.

I remember seeing the pentagram was made out of lots of layers of red chalk, water I thought. But where will I find this water I’m looking for, I hid under a table. Apparently those people heard me say water because they said to each other. “We need him if we don’t get him then we will not be able to summon him for another 30 years.” Ok then I thought to myself lets do this. I went outside and found a fire hydrant and a hose attached to it, wow lucky I thought to myself.

I grabbed the hose and walked back into the building and I saw the men standing next to the 4 bodies, I turned on the hose and watched as the 4 bodies flowed away and the chalk resolved and I saw the men run after me so I aimed the powerful hose at them. They instantly fell to their feet, I heard men, large men running though the hallway. They were firefighters, they looked around and I told them what happened.

So yeah officer that is all I know, “well thank you for your information.” Hay the other offer said to my left. “Is that red chalk in your pocket?”.
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