Grandma’s House

Siti lived with her parents in Johor Baru in the state of Johor. Her father was a clerk then and her mother was a housewife. They lived in a Government quarters and this incident when she was only primary 2. When she was that age, about 8 years old, she went with her mother to visit her grandmother for a few days.

Her grandma’s was in Masai, Johor and she lived in a wooden plank house with a concrete base. Her mother and Siti will visit her grandma during the school holidays. Although it was only a wooden house, it was a larger house than their house in Johor Baru. Siti will play with the kids from the neighbourhood.

This incident occurred when Siti was going to bed at about 11 pm. She was sleeping with her mother in bed and she getting comfortable and sleepy. Just before her eyes closed, she saw a small-goblin-like creature jumped on her bed and stared at her eyes. Yeah! It was green in colour and red beady eyes and when he laughed, Siti could see a row of small sharp teeth in his mouth. Staring back at that “thing” and desperately tugging at her mother to wake up. The child-like thing just grinned at her and ran away from the bedroom.

Heard her grandma told her mother said, “toyol at the wooden house always cause trouble”. Definition of Toyol refers to a kind of ghost in Malay belief, probably from among the jinn / satan, which was kept for the purpose of stealing. Is said to be shaped Toyol small children and also has a temperament like a small child. Toyol observed, generally believed to be of the form of a naked little boy, with red eyes and sharp teeth.

Allegedly, toyol will be kept in a small bottle and the owners would give his own blood meal every day / every full moon. If failed, toyol will suck the blood of the immediate family of the owner. People normally associate the appearance of a toyol with that of a small baby, frequently that of a newborn baby walking naked with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and usually greenish skin.