Grandmother Disappeared

My mother’s aunt and her grandmother put a reservation for a couple of weeks ago in a famous hotel in Tokyo, and when I tried to check in on that day, I was surprised to hear that the reservation was not received at the reception. But it was not time to find the hotel now. My grandmother was sick and wanted to lie down quickly, so my aunt asked me “I will do whatever room I like so please.”

However, Ms. Yamaoka (kana) “Sorry, I do not have any rooms available today.” So my aunt came in my head “I did not know until the circumstances of that even though I took reservation and confirmed. I am in trouble if I manage to do something. My grandmother is sick.” And where he got angry and subdued, I finally checked it out.

“Since it was canceled in room 1245, I will show you there.” Is it okay? It was said, and the key of the room was handed over. My aunt thought that my grandmother was worried about it, and I thought that I did not care about any room for a day, so I immediately took my grandmother and went up to the 1245 room with an elevator.

Although I thought that it was one of the bad receptionists, I heard that it was too late to endure it. My grandmother did not feel well though he was lying down, so she seemed to suffer, so my aunt called the receptionist and called the doctor. When asked to do the examination, Dr. Hayama (kana) said “I will have a viral cold” and recommended some good medicines with ready-made ones, so my aunt will take a taxi to the pharmacy that is still open did.

When I got off, the driver happened to have no change and my aunt exchanged money at the hotel reception in a hurry. But because I was in a hurry, I kept my medicine I had bought at my reception counters and left for taxi payment. When I return, I can not find the bag containing the medicine at the reception, when asking Mr. Yamaoka,

“No, I have not forgotten anything.” It was said. My aunt is getting f*cked, When saying “I left it when I exchanged money!”, I had a troubled face, In contrast to the question “Which night? “What are you talking about? A little while ago, you gave me the key to the 1245 room!” Then Mr. Yamaoka ha? It is said that “Oh, okay, is not it wrong with another hotel? 1245 rooms are vacant now.” I was told.

My aunt got no idea what it was and I was so excited to explain that “I do not have such a thing”, Mr. Yamaoka saw my aunt as if I were looking at a mistake. Just then at that time, Dr. Hayama came out from the elevator, while her aunt cries “My teacher, I diagnosed my grandmother a little while ago and I took my medicine, right?” Desperately descending, doctors also have troubled faces.

“I am sorry, I do not really understand, I’m sure I made a mistake with someone.” I’m sorry. I have gone away. My aunt headed for the elevator while confused, Mr. Yamaoka followed him, “Customers, which way are you coming to?” I tried to stop my aunt. My aunt yelled, “I go to the room and see the situation of my grandmother! “Well, I will join you,” I went to the 1245 room with Mr. Yamaoka.

Then, my aunt noticed that there was no key, and when Mr. Yamaoka opened the room with a master key, there was not any luggage there, there was no grandmother who was supposed to be sleeping. My aunt became half frenzied and was brought to the hospital. My mother rushed to the hospital the next day and heard the whole story.

I could not believe the story, but only the fact that my grandmother disappeared suddenly remained. My aunt is still in the hospital. My grandmother is still missing and I am searching. Even alive or even unknown. The police did not believe what my aunt said. I can not believe this story still by myself, but it is the fact that all my relatives believe.

But I do not understand the translation yet, I’m sad and angry. I thought that it was a lie many times, I also met my aunt, but after all the same story repeated. It does not appear in the newspaper, neither does it become a case nor is the hotel side informed, my grandmother does not return. My mother taught me this story after recently. I did not want to know if possible. Even if my friends sympathize with me, I do not believe it. The more I think about it, the more I’m going crazy.