Guest Were Actually Ghost

I was working on a bungalow project at Puchong Perdana and I was with the client, consultants and other various contractors when the project meeting ended. As it was lunch time, a few contractors agreed to go for lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. We were lunch and having a normal chit-chat, I asked whether they have any unnatural or eerie stories they have faced in their work. One of the contractors, Daryl Lee a kitchen renovator, have a rather strange to tell. This is his own story or personal tale.

About three years ago, one of his projects, somewhere in Shah Alam is a kitchen renovation assignment at a medium cost apartment which they hope to secure. This apartment was on the six floor of the apartment complex and he will have to produce properly printed out the agreement before the client for signature. On that particular day, he rang the door bell, and was promptly answered by the husband.

As he was led in the apartment the husband mentioned that he would get eye glasses from his bedroom and his wife, Maria, is in the kitchen cooking. Daryl said reply to take his time and he at the time he heard Maria‚Äôs voice saying a cheerful “Hi” from the kitchen. As Daryl was walking to the kitchen, he noticed 4 people sitting on the sofa in the living room facing him. He quickly and promptly waved at them and said “hi”. They immediate responded with a friendly and cheerful wave of their hands to Daryl.

At the kitchen, Daryl made some simple conversation with Maria about the food she was cooking. He was busy asking her the ingredients and so on and the time pass by rapidly. It was about 30 minutes before the husband showed up with the duly signed agreement. Daryl thanked both the husband and wife for the agreement and decided to leave so not keep them from their lunch.

After walking away when he passed by the living room and he was surprised to find the guests have left. He innocently asked Maria’s husband, “What happened to your guests?” Maria’s husband confused look and he added, “What guests, only Maria and me only”.

Startled and quickly looking at the empty living room, he quickly said his thanks for the project and he must going back as he is late for a meeting. He was so scared and terrified that he did not even take the elevator but just took the back staircase. “Oh my God” he thought when he realized that the 4 unwanted guests were actually ghosts!