Haunted Head

“I really saw a haunted head in my apartment!” said an aggrieved Jason Por when he recounted his experience with the supernatural. Jason Por lived in Ipoh the largest city and the capital of Perak in Malaysia. With a population of over 700,000, it is the fourth largest city (I think) in Malaysia and Ipoh is approximately 180 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

At the time of the incident, Jason was staying in Ipoh when his family bought a condominium in the suburbs of Ipoh. When they moved there, they have almost completed the renovation of the apartment. Jason lived with her widow mother and his younger sister at that time.

After dinner, Jason and his sister were clearing the dishes and putting them away. His mother and his younger sister were watching the television of their favourite of “soap episodes” so Jason when go to his bedroom. He decided to clear up and unpacked some of his stuff and was putting away his belongings. At between 9 pm or 10 pm, he decided to take a break and he looked out of his bedroom window at the night scenery of cool night air and the flickering lights of lamp posts.

As he looked about the window, he saw a black thing beside his window’s ledge. Curious he stared at the thing. OMG! It was a person’s face, he could see the eyes, nose, mouth and even the hair but only the head. The head was did not have a body, no arms, legs or even a bloody entrails, nothing! He was so shocked at the unbelievable scene and was looking intently at the head whose was swaying slowing between the window’s ledge. As he stared at the head, it slowly drifted away in the night.

Jason was not really scared, maybe just a bit daze, he went to his bathroom to brush his teeth and was thinking how strange just having only the head. After that, he got into his bed and soon fell asleep. The next morning he spoke to his mother and younger sister and told them of what he saw the previous night. His mother, who is staunch follower of the Taoist beliefs, told Jason that she has pasted “fu” (religious Chinese writings) or amulets on all the rooms in their apartment to blessed the place.

The “fu” or amulets have the protection of guardians (or “bodyguards”) to keep the apartment from unclean or dirty spirits. Obviously she added, the “head” cannot come in the apartment and was just wandering in Jason’s bedroom. Believe it or not but Jason never saw the “head” again but he did see other eerie and strange things around the condominium block. That is something for another night, better say goodnight before I am too scared to sleep.