Haunted High School

I grew up in Calgary Alberta, Canada. I’m sure you all know that by now. When I was in high school, I went to one of the older ones in the downtown area of the city. I didn’t really notice anything until my senior year, in my first semester. Yes I did, on occasion experience things in past years going to that school, but nothing like this particular incident.

Let’s start from the beginning, my first year in high school. I often heard stories from the older kids about how the school was haunted. Every time I heard a story it would give me a jolt, and I would be scared to venture into the hallways alone. Tenth grade, I was asked to go down to the janitor’s office, which was located in the basement, to get paper towel for our lab we were doing. So I took the long walk to the basement.

When I reached the stairs I heard a metallic sound from below, like a large wrench or pipe hitting the floor. I figured it was one of the janitors so I continued down the steps. I got to the bottom and looked down the hall. There was no one to be seen. I walked to the end where the office was located and peeked inside, no one there. I went back down the hall to the big room where the cleaning supplies were kept. No one there. Then I went to the last room in the basement which lead to the boiler room. No one there.

Of course at this point I began to feel uncomfortable, so I ran as fast as I could up the stairs, and out the big metal doors, into the main hallway of the school. I figured I would check the main office and see if the secretary could page them for me. I got to the office and noticed that the janitors were both in the staff room. The staff room was through the office and to the right, so it was clearly visible to anyone who visited the office.

My second experience happened in my second year, in the eleventh grade. I was on the football team, and we had just returned from a game at another school. It was me and 2 other guys (Team captains) that stayed behind to clean up the mess on the locker room floor and showers. Well this particular night, it was just me. The other two were off to see the Stamps game. So as I was cleaning up the floor I heard what sounded like shoes scuffling on the floor, about two rows behind me. I looked around the corner and noticed nobody was there so I continued on with my cleaning. The scuffling sound continued on the entire time I was cleaning. I didn’t feel threatened so I didn’t make a big deal about it.

My third experience was in my senior year, and this one is the most memorable one of them all. It was February, and we had just gotten a huge dumping of snow that day. It was unusual, because Calgary isn’t the type of place to get that much snow. Luckily our school was the one that decided not to close that day. Which was awesome because there was about 6 feet of snow and it was -35 C (-31 F). Plus I drove an ’86 Mustang, and last I checked those don’t go so good in that kind of weather. I decided to take city transit and I was still over an hour late.

I got into the school and went to my class. Everyone looked pissed off. Which was understandable. Before I get to the ghost part of this, let me mention that every single class that day. We watched a movie. Seriously, if it was that important that we go to school on a snow day, let’s learn something. We were the only high school that had to go that day.

Okay I’m done ranting. I decided to leave midway through class to go to the vending machines and chill out in the cafeteria. After sitting for a while, I thought back to a few years ago when I was in the basement. I figured this was a good time to go see what was going on down there since no one was out and about.

I got up and went through the big doors and down the stairs of the high school. I crept down the hall and peered into the office to make sure the janitor wasn’t there. When I turned around to head to the boiler room, the lights went out, and the emergency lights came on. An emergency message came on over the PA that said, “Attention staff, students, and visitors. Please remain calm. There has been a problem with the power in the building. Please stay where you are until the power is turned back on.”

I stood still, almost too scared to move, because I knew there was a ghost down there, and It didn’t help that the power went out. I finally decided to move. I took a few steps forward and I heard the office door behind me creak, and slowly latch closed. I stopped again, terrified. In this hallway there were lockers along both walls. Since there were more students in the school, we had to resort to “overflow lockers.” A lot of these vacant lockers were left open.

One by one the locker doors started slamming shut. It wasn’t in order, there would be a door slamming shut right beside me, the next at the completely opposite end of the hall, and so on and so forth. I booked it straight for the stairs, and as I was running up the stairs I heard the same metallic sound I heard a few years back, followed by a large bang. I don’t know what the bang came from, all I know is that it made me run twice as fast.

When I got to the top of the stairs and out into the main hallway of high school, I sat at a table to catch my breath. I looked down and realized that I had pissed myself. This was great! It was senior year, I was captain of the football team, and I pissed my pants. I ran to the locker room before anyone saw me and changed into my sweat pants, then went to the bus stop to go home. I don’t know what it was, and I hated how it decided to mess with me while the power was out.