Haunted Land

Bandoeng, 1834. There live a girl, in a big classical dutch house with stones arranged beneath the front wall of the house, a triangular roof with a funnel of smoke next to it this house had three floors with a balcony on the front left and right side of the back of the house. There is also a large backyard with fish ponds and the swimming pool is located a bit far apart and there is a playground in the middle complete with sand pool and trampoline.

This girl lives with her grandparents. Her parents have long died from an accident while on a plane. She’s bleeding dutch-french. Her father is a Dutch national and his mother is a French citizen. This girl is not had clear citizenship because not even 17 years. If she is 17 then she has the right to choose to become one of the citizens of the two countries.

Her grandfather and grandmother have a treasure that will not run out 7 derivatives. Her grandfather are the owner of the Dutch oil mining company in Indonesia and the grandmother of his mother in France has a wine planter who special made famous wine brands in Paris. Although they are rich but they are very generous they do not hesitate to give alms to the servants and the indigenous people who work in their company also they are friendly with the neighbors around the house.

One day the girl went to play behind her house where there is a beautiful natural lake. She used to play and relax in the lake while reading a novel under a huge oak tree on the edge of the lake. For her, relaxing under a tree like this is like a heaven that can not be paid with anything. She is enjoying the breeze that hit her face although she’s enjoys her time in nature but, her heart is always sad because of loneliness.

She does not have a friend the only friend she has just a cat who often comes to find food. She used to be school in an elite school for foreigners in Indonesia but since her parents’ accident she quit school in a public school and chose to be Alone. her grandparents were sorry to see her condition so they called a private teacher who teaches things like in public school.

today the teacher did not come so she was free to play from morning till evening. When it was cool to read the book suddenly there is a pat which patted her shoulder when seen was beside her tiptoed, a white furry cat with black feet and hands. To be continued, haunted land part 2.
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