Haunted Place of the Edson Hall

There was a rumor going around during 2003 to 2007 that Edson Hall was haunted. I’m not sure if it’s died out since my class left. The back story is that someone died in the building back when it was a dormitory and that the ghost of this person is haunting the building. There have been reports that when walking by the building random lights will turn on but yet the building is locked up, and that when you’re in the building by yourself that random pianos will start to play.

That you can hear someone walking around when you know nobody else is in the building, and that objects would move around when you left a room. We also heard that people could see a ghostly figure in the sound studio’s on the second floor as they were walking down the hallways. It could just have been there reflections but some people really thought they were ghosts.

In the early spring semester of 2007, myself and four other people camped out in Edson Hall overnight to uncover the myth of the building being haunted. We set up video cameras in the hallway with the recording studios and in the big band/choir room to see if we could get video of random objects moving around or a possible ghost on camera. We stayed in the building after it was locked up. We had permission from security to do this because we themed it around a class project. I wrote a paper on the experience.

Nothing really happened that we could link to haunted activity. The most my group saw that night was an air vent that spooked people. I was trying to summon a ghost (as if I knew what I was doing) and the more I tried to summon the ghost, our group started to hear a knocking noise, then a rush of air coming up a vent and through the crack in the elevator shaft.

This noise gradually got louder and louder. My group also thought they saw the shadow of someone walking around outside in the light through the crack at the bottom of a door. One person got up to open the door; nobody was there.

Shortly after the door opened the sound of air rushing up a vent disappeared; that was the only time we heard anything the whole night. The short of the story is, I still don’t believe the building is haunted but I know a handful of people that swear it is.