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This is a true story about a supposedly haunted cemetery named Spider Gates. The Spider Gates is located in western Massachusetts. Also known as the Quaker cemetery, nicknamed Spider gates for the web like steel gates that are on the front of the cemetery. You could also research the cemetery online simply by typing in Spider gates. I heard the rumors of this cemetery being haunted.

Supposedly this is a boy who hung him self quite some time ago. Cults practicing devil worship there at night, and I read online one girl talking about the ghost of the boy who hung himself making himself visible and following them. As they proceeded to check out this small haunted private cemetery, which is supposed to have naturally formed 13 gates the last one leading you to hell.

I was informed that a gatekeeper of some sort would be near the first gate warning you off. I was in college at Worcester State. Which is just about a 10-minute drive from the cemetery. We had received permission from the Quakers who owned the cemetery during the daytime to do research for school. A small group of us set out to look for this place at night. I followed the directions exactly and never found it.

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We went the following day and there off to the side of this road down a narrow dirt path there it was. Not much to look at in the daytime I suppose but they’re a lot of trails leading into trees covered areas. We walked the trail one of them led into this field with nothing around it we joked about the 13 gates saying that it was a bunch of crap.

When we were going to turn around to leave a man’s voice said what are you kids doing here? As we turned to look it was an old man with his dog. They came out of this field that was in the middle of the woods. We told him that we had permission to be there and he told us no we did not.

We may have permission to visit the cemetery but we weren’t in the cemetery anymore. We then told the man ok and we proceeded to leave when I turned around to see where he came from and he was gone. It must have not even been 30 seconds after he was just talking to us.

Was he the gatekeeper? A few days later we revisited the cemetery because we were curios as to where he came from or went to so quickly. Ill tell ya check out that place for yourself sometime if you are a thrill seeker. I walked that cemetery that next day and could not find that open field again. No matter how hard I searched.