Haunted Toilet at School

I always used to be interested in the unexplained and still do, my experience has been the best yet, i’ll tell you it in full. I’m at secondary school and i often get in to trouble for wearing make-up so i have to go and take it off inside this toilet. Inside this one toilet i get a sense of a strange presence like someones in there with me when they’re not. The room is quite small and has about six toilet cubicles.

Me and my friend called Rebecca decided to go and investigate the toilet room, so we went inside and switched the light off and i called out, “If there is any spirit people in this room at the moment, please could you make a sign to show you are here with us?” A few seconds after the end toilet started to creak loudly, we switched the light back on and to our astonishment one of the taps was on!

I could swear that when we went in firstly it wasn’t, it was one of those taps where you have to turn it on not an automatic. Another time when i was in there with a friend, i was holding the toilet door for her because it didn’t lock, and in the corner of my eye i saw a big dark figure when i looked properly it had vanished.

The same day i was looking in the mirror and something brushed passed my anckle only for a second and my friend was on the other side of the room washing her hands and there was no one else in the room, but it didn’t scare me much.

I often go inside there with a few mates and switch the lights off and talk to the spirit, the first time everyone was behind me and i was looking at the end cubicle and there seemed to be a sort of mist there, but sort of like flashing and all of a sudden it flashed into my face, i turned round and screamed.

The second time there was two other people with me we was in there a while and we were laughing at something but then we stopped because we heard a loud noise which went. It was a womens voice and it came from the other side of the room, maybe it thought we were laughing at it. A while later i heard two scratching sounds, the noises were not any of us and cannot be explained.