Haunting Apparition at Fishing Town

Kunak is the name of the town located in Sabah, East Malaysia and dubbed as “land below the wind”. My friend Insan used to spend his childhood there before he came to Malaysia. This story about haunting apparition at fishing town in Sabah was told by his mother before she got married. She used to live in fishing village about 5 km from town.

She and her boyfriend “Insan’s father naturally” use to ride his bicycle to town to catch the latest flicks in the cinema. After the show, they will go to their favourite stall for a drink. Then he will send her back in his old bicycle. She will seat on back seat or the “carrier” with both her legs together and he on his saddle and furiously pedaling away.

There have to go to her house using the old coast road which was very dark as there were no street lamps. The only light was from his bicycle which uses an old “dynamo”. While she is being cycled, she noticed an image of someone walking on the old road. When she got closer she noticed that person had no body – just a pair of legs!

She was shock when she realized her boyfriend also saw the same apparition and he shouted at her to grab tight to his bicycle and together they pedaled for their lives. When they finally got back to her house, they were terrified of their minds and told her parents what they saw.