He is Coming

Mr. Takayanagi and Mr. Kawashima of the football club are very close and always breathing like twins. Both study and physical education, the first place and the second place were absolutely either of these two people. Of course the two were popular in the class, and when they were absent from school something was something that I missed as if the fire had disappeared.

Although I was a girl, the house was close at the same football club and I played with them well together. I was proud of myself. It was a chibi with a weak body, and studying with me was enough for me to be with such two people, I just soaked the superiority of others to others. This is only when I was in the third grade of elementary school.

We went fishing in neighborhood Ogawa. (It is filled now because it is filled with block maintenance). At that time I always had an instant camera I bought for my father for my birthday and had a camera. Even then I took a camera and I decided to take the two of them. If I think now, I have to take pictures when I do not take a camera, I would not have done such a thing .

When I got home and watched a picture I took, I noticed something. That was what Takayanagi and Kawashima lined up in. A little under the right arm of Mr. Kawashima, there was something like a human eye on the water surface of the river. I knew the word spirit photography at the time, but I did not think that I thought that I could take such a thing by myself, so I thought that it was “creepy” but I did not even care, in particular.

It was a few days since Kawashima got injured in the right arm at the time of practicing the football club. The ball fractured in the arms during a tournament held at several elementary schools in the city and it broke. Kawashima is going to stay in the hospital. I remembered a strange crann and tried to take that photo out of the drawer of the house desk.

Then the picture was completely different from what I saw before. A little boy who looked out of the water, his eyes were those eyes that I was surely asking from the water. And the hand of that child was grasping Kawashima’s right arm. As I became frightened, I called Takayanagi’s house and decided to have it come. Takayanagi who saw that photo

“I think I will receive a shock if I show it to Kawashima.” I promised me not to tell this to Kawashima, I brought the picture. And three days after Takayanagi took a picture, I think that it was. Kawashima died. I jumped out of the hospital room. There was a person who visited Kawashima on the day when he jumped into the class.

That person said such a thing. Mr. Kawashima said that he was muttering that “he is coming”. My teacher and Mr. Kawashima’s mother explains “Because of the stress of hospitalized life”, but the real reason why Kawashima died. One day I was invited to Takayanagi’s house, I got that picture. Even if I say that, there is not that boy anymore.

The picture was cut in half with scissors, and only Takayanagi was in the picture. Takayanagi explains, “Because he was about to come to him as well.” When Kawashima died, it says that the boy was covered over Kawashima’s body. “Why did not you cut it sooner, then Kawashima kin?” I broke my voice in spite of myself. Takayanagi then said “Because he was. I could not be the number one.” Takayanagi’s face that was taken by the sunset looked like that boy.