Heard Footsteps at Night

I always heard footsteps at night, this story begin at last night around 11 I was in the bathroom. My husband was in the living room sleeping on the couch. I was finishing up in there when I heard my husband walk from the livingroom down the small hallway. He paused outside of the bathroom for a moment before continusing on into the back bedroom.

I was puzzled that he didn’t say “goodnight” to me,or that he didn’t even ask me how long I was going to be up for. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands and came out of the bathroom. Glanced into the back bedroom the light was off and I didn’t think to go in and bother him while he slept, I was a little annoyed that he didn’t turn off the lights in the livingroom, or the TV that was still on, but then again he never does. So I headed into the livingroom to turn everything off and I just stopped dead in my tracks when I saw my husband still asleep and snoring on the couch.

My world crashed down around me. The only thing i thought of was “no, not again” I woke my husband up and he could tell that i was visibly upset. I told him i heard footsteps, and then he got up grabbed a knife from the kitchen and checked out the whole house, even went outside. I just stood in the diningroom in disbelief, I knew my husband wouldn’t find anyone. He came back and said that there was no one in the house, but I knew that already.

About 3 years ago I encountered these phantom footsteps before. It was a weekday, my husband had to be at work by 7, so he liked to leave the house by 6:30 am to get there on time. I was still sleeping in the bedroom when he left. But I woke up a little by this very annoying sound, heavy footsteps in the kitchen just walking back and forth. At first I thought that it was my husband getting a lunch ready for the day.

But then I looked at the clock and realized that my husband would have been at work already because it was 7:30. I lifted my head and looked toward the door the bedroom is just off of the kitchen, but the way the room was set I couldn’t see out into the kitchen. But I did see my two cats who sleep with us, their heads were lifted and they were looking in the same direction that the footstep sounds were coming from.

I was frightened, I thought that someone was in the house, a robber maybe. I just layed there in bed pulling the covers up around me scared to death, and listening intensely for the footsteps that I had heard just a few seconds earlier. After about 10 minutes after the footsteps had stopped, I gathered the courage to climb out of bed an investigate. I looked everwhere the basement, the attic, every nook and cranny. But there was no one and nothing anywhere. I was left shaken and baffled. Maybe I didn’t hear what I thought I had.

And though the memories are still with me I have successfully chalked it up to nothing but a misunderstanding due to coming out of a deep sleep. But now, after last night I don’t know what to think. I am a little uneasy about the house. I’m not really scared of the mystery footsteps, creeped out a little though. But mostly I am just upset and irritated that I can’t prove what i heard, or explain it away.