Hillside Incident

Sheila and Adam just arrived at their grandparent’s house after taking a bus. It was her grandma’s birthday and they were waiting for their parents to get back from work. After spending the time playing with their games, they were bored. So they ask her grandparents’ whether they can go walking at the hill near their grandparents’ place. Initially the grandparent’s were reluctant to let them go to the hill but after much persuasion and pleading, they finally agreed. Sheila and Adam have to promise to look after themselves and to hurry back as soon as possible.

Happily they got their tracksuits and their sport shoes and jogged off and they merrily went to the landscape of the hill. As they pass the woods they passed an old Chinese man digging an old well. The old man did not pay any attention to Sheila and her brother. “What an unfriendly man”, Sheila snorted her annoyance and whispered loudly to her brother.

When they were near the peak, they suddenly noticed a teenaged boy was standing perilously on the cliff beside of a narrow walkway. Without a warning, the teenager suddenly jumped off from the edge of the cliff into the bottom of the void. Panic and horrified at the tragic scene, Sheila screamed, “No, wait” and both of them ran desperately to the spot where the teenager stood before leaping off.

Looking at the top of the cliff, they scanned the bottom portion of the landscape but found nothing! There was no sign of the body on the bottom hill or its surroundings. Still shocked they peered at and around the cliff and then at the surrounding area, before concluding there was nothing. Sheila and her brother look at each other speechlessly but they decided to run back, to their grandparents’ house.

On the way, they met the old Chinese man, they were huffing and panting and tried to explain what they saw. The old Chinese man sadly looked at them and merely waved at them to go home. Sheila and her brother ran back to her grandparents’ house where they frantically told them what happened. Some people that believe that those who commit suicides will have to relieve the tragic scenes of their deaths over and over again, an unending cycles.