Hitchhiker Woman

I had long distance relationships before. She lived in Kansai, I lived in Tokyo. In September’s three consecutive holidays, I decided to borrow a car and go to see her. After finishing work at the company, I left Tokyo from around eleven o’clock in the evening. My body was tired, but I felt like I was going for a girlfriend.

I intended to take a nap in the service area on the way, but I was excited by the long distance driving for a long time and I was not sleepy at all. Still, if I have not taken a rest somewhere, the schedule of the next day goes crazy. It might be good SA of Lake Hamana, if you open the shop, I will buy it even with an eel pie, I drop the speed of the car, thinking while chasing after the truck.

I entered the toilet in the service area, I looked through the kiosk but it was closed. I bought some juice on my own sales and watched the area a little. In the parking area of ​​a regular car, several cars are stopped for a nap. I decided to go to a place away from home and go to bed. It was a muggy night. I thought it would be somewhat cooler because it is close to the lake, but it was not the case either.

Open the window halfway, defeat the seat and close your eyes. When the engine sound of the car got farther and it flew off quickly, I awoke with the sound of a crash. Someone was knocking at the window. A woman standing in black sleeveless dress stood. I was surprised by the sudden thing, but sleepiness blew away at once. The woman in front of her eyes is young, and she is exuded from the whole body such as something out of place.

“What’s wrong?” I asked while struggling.
“I’d like to go to Nagoya” The woman answered indefinitely.

I did not plan to get off at high speed in Nagoya. The clock is turning around two o’clock. If I do not take a nap, I will be meeting her in Kyoto in the morning.

“Is not it?”
“Is this a television program or something? Is it a possibly talent?”

The woman was gazing at this with a lavish eyes. I will talk to you with excitement, but I feel silent with a sad expression. And as he lowered his head a little, he tried to leave. “It is good to Nagoya” I gotta rush and heard a voice. This is rarely there. The woman seemed to smile for a moment. I went around to the front passenger seat and thought of sitting next to him, but I hesitated by touching the door knob.

Well I guess for the first time, are you a little wary of it? I confirmed that the woman was sitting in the middle of the back seat, I put the engine on. It seems that a man of two people reflected on the light was asking here. A young man who left the car door unopened looking at himself at the top of his eyes when checking beside trying to cut the steering wheel.

A woman like this model chose me. It might be a look of envy. At that time I thought so to the brain weather. After leaving at high speed, the woman was staring at this place with a rearview mirror. I tried to listen from the circumstances that it was supposed to hitchhike first, but it seemed that my voice did not reach me because I was drowned out by the noise of a large truck that makes up the row.

Without being able to communicate easily, rather than becoming a conversation, the car headed west. Sometimes when I looked at the rearview mirror, the woman pulled the wrinkle a little between the eyebrows and gazed at me gently.

“I feel bad, I will lie down.”
“Oh, yes, please.”

The car was in the tunnel and it was quite noisy, but it was clearly heard. I was a little upset and confirmed through the rearview mirror, the appearance of the woman was disappeared. I think that it has stopped being able to talk to me, I have calmed down a bit. I could afford to think about my current situation.

As soon as I felt lucky for women and painful excuses for her, friends’ well-made stories ran around my head, I could not afford it. Suddenly the side walls approached with a loose curve of the tunnel. Hurriedly returning the handle, the horn of the truck echoes. At the last minute, the meter exceeded 150 kilometers.

My palpitations became fierce, accidentally causing an accident. After dropping the speed and passing through the tunnel, the light of the car running in front and behind disappeared. tired. After all, let’s take a rest. “How are you feeling?” Most of the traffic ceased, I breathed a breath. “Well, it was a little danger before” There is no reply.

I could see the signpost PA road sign right away. “Are you sleeping?” Looking back on a straight line with a nice view, a white caliber was found in my eyes. My heart skirt is curled up. Suddenly a woman reached for a driver’s seat when trying to make it again. It seemed like I grabbed the finger on the left shoulder of the seat.

“All right?” When I talk to her like that, I am seriously waving. Increase speed and head for PA. I ask whether I am sick or not, but the woman is groaning with a low voice. I put the car in the parking area, once went outside, opened the door of the passenger seat. Then the opponent raised his body and gazed at it one moment.

“Hey, where does it hurt” Anxiety and confusion made a strong tone.
“I do not know even if I keep silent.”
“The water.”

The woman looked like an angry man and put his hand on his forehead and hid his head down. As I was told, I left the car and ran to the rest for water. Coming so far, the suspicious feeling was better than curiosity towards women. Anxiety was successful. When I bought Evian and went back to the car, there was no woman. I thought about going to the toilet and hung around for a while, but finally I could not find a woman.

When I was in the car in the mid-range condition, I got a phone call from her. “Where are you now? I awoke watching a bit of a bad dream.” I was stunned when I heard what kind of dream it was. I got a traffic accident and it was carried by ambulance. Besides, she tells the car type and car color that she should not know.

“When I try to ride an ambulance, there is a woman I do not know.” My knees burst out laughing and I lost my words. “I will take you as well.” She seems to have woken up being talked to by a woman. After that, I was able to meet her safely in Kyoto. However, there was only one strange thing.

The charm of Netsuke at Muroji Temple received by her was gone. Leaving the cord part, there was not only the wooden flower netsuke. It used to be attached to the key of the room, and it certainly existed until leaving Tokyo. I could not tell her the history of driving, but I was full of gratitude. I also feel regret.

At a later date. At that time vaguely, I felt that I was fascinated by something malicious. There was a compelling clause. When I was talking to a woman at the SA of Lake Hamana first, was not she watching me with my drawn gaze? She thought that the woman was only visible to me. After all I was saved. It may be because of her amulet.

Anyway, we have to return to Tokyo the day after tomorrow. Take this car with her on your own. I tried asking her about Murofuji. I can hardly remember it now, but it was said that there are also nunneros. While walking around Kyoto, I bought an amulet at a certain temple. I put it in the back of the dashboard of the car and prayed that it would be a misfortune.

When I returned to Tokyo safely, I went back to my acquaintance. Somehow, I left the amulet as it was. Naturally I did not talk about nothing but a story, I put it all in my heart. About two months passed since then. In the mailbox of my apartment where I live, a tribute amulet was released. I had a bad feeling, I immediately contacted acquaintances.

He seems to be busy with work and I could not make out the story of the amulet. Still, recently I was able to hear that I was not going to ride a car for private use, and I did not plan to go out. One day I got a dusk at ease, there was a call from a friend in common with him. He says that he died in a traffic accident. I told my family to go out for a while and caused an accident several hundred kilometers away. I do not know what happened to him. However, she still seems to be wandering around the midnight highway.