Last summer I will write about my return home to my parents for the first time in ten years. Because I think that it will be long, please skip a bit and skip those who are not interested. I am currently twenty eight years old, and it is told that I must not experience spiritual experiences by the age of twenty, I will never experience such a thing, but until now I have seen spirits and something spiritual There was nothing to experience.

And it may not be related to the spirit to talk about now. However, it is the event that I felt some frightening fears that is the most scary in my life, and now it is sometimes the reason I bother my heart. My parents house is in Niigata, the old house where we have been running farmers for generations. It is always my eldest son to succeed the head family, but my father succeeded the head family despite my third son.

Why did it become like that, both of my father’s older brothers were innocent, or they were late in wisdom. The eldest son can speak the word properly, but it seems that the head did not grow up as a child in its entirety, and it was only a matter of making things crazy to do. After the second son, I heard that not only my head but also my body was weak, and I was sick in my early years.

At that time, the person who is my great-grandfather, towards her grandson who died young. “This child is a good child, you are truly a filial piety.” It is said that he said. That’s why my father succeeded to me. Since I am also an only child, I thought that I must inherit the head family, but my wonder is that my father would not say such a thing to me at all.

My grandfather who died earlier seemed to tell me to keep her head family in order to protect his name and house, but after my grandfather’s death, no one said the story of the house. On the contrary, my father seems to want me to separate from home. I was admitted to high school in Tokyo for junior high school graduation.

I entered the dormitory and went to high school and the university entered the school in Tokyo as it was. In the meantime, I never went back home. Whenever there was something my parents came to Tokyo and finished my work. After graduating from university, I got a job at a manufacturer of electrical products that is not well known.

Even then, without having to return home both in the tray and New Year’s Day, the five-year period passed in a flash. When I tell you I will return to my parents house, every time my father. “No, I do not have to come back. You should do your best about it.” I say. Although I thought it strange, I myself was busy living in Tokyo, I was forced to go back to my parents house for nearly ten years with my parents’ words.

I wonder why, suddenly I went home last summer, she had been dating for about two years, “I’d like to see my parents properly and say hello.” It was said. I already had greetings as I met her parents and seriously had a relationship with my daughter. I was thinking about marrying with her, I had a good opportunity at this time, I thought that it was a good idea to introduce to my parents before various concrete talks progress, decided to take her back home It was.

When I told my father to that effect on the phone, he told me that he was obviously feeling embarrassed but he said “I understood.” As soon as the company entered a bas rest, I headed home with my girlfriend. While riding the train she asked me a lot of things. Where is my parents home, about my family etc.

As I answered her questions, I felt that the memory that I had lived in my parents house I had forgotten a long time, vaguely reviving. And it seemed to be shaking in me like it was in response to the shaking of the train, it was not something very comfortable. In my memory when I lived in my parents house, there is one such thing.

I am dead now but it is my father’s older brother, the one who is my uncle to me. My uncle was shaken by a branch before he was an adult, and he did not appear on his head too much, but he came to the head office for a while as he seemed to be in good mood on a certain day. As well as greetings, Mr. uncle came straight to my room and expanded the shogi board which he had in hisarmpit “Let’s play Shogi”.

It is not an atmosphere to refuse, I started shogi by saying “good”. At that time, I was an elementary school senior high school student, but I have pretty much won my uncle. I wish I had finished it, but what was I thinking of elementary school student, probably it was childhood probably. My uncle was too weak, so I made a fool of laughing about my uncle.

I do not remember exactly what I said. The face color of my uncle before Mirumi’s eyes changed, I thought that I got up quickly while groaning with Woo, I ran away to somewhere. I was afraid of my uncle’s unusual situation, I went to the room where my parents are, and I was watching the situation. Apparently my uncle seemed to have gone to the barn, and after hearing sounds with you, I knew that my uncle went through from the garden to the entrance.

When looking at the front entrance afraid, my uncle is scattering a one can with gasoline for agricultural machines on the asphalt road in front of the house. I got excited about it and cried out for something, my father came running, “What are you doing?” While saying that, I was hitting my uncle in Bokoboko. Since then, at least while I am at my parents house, my uncle will not come back to my family.

While I was talking to her while I was recalling such old memories in the train, I arrived at a station with my parents home. It seems that it is left behind from development, and the scenery which is unchanging is spread at all from long ago. As I approached the parents house step by step from the station, I realized that something other than nostalgia was born in me.

My mouth dries and my heart beats faster. I felt vague fear at this point as if the body was showing a rejection reaction. However, I told myself that I was only nervous at my parents’ house after a long time, I pulled her hand and speeded up my feet. At this time her hands were wet with sweat for some reason. In front of the gate of the house, the vague fears that have changed into real things at all.

The air is wrong. The air that surrounds the house seems to be stagnant, so I thought that I was once living in such a place. The face of my father who picked it up was also dark and dull, which was far from the image of my father who was in my heart. Even though I entered the house, the stagnant air did not change, but it seems to be rather stronger. The air at the bottom of the old well may be such a thing.

I introduced her to my parents, but they somehow had little or no relationship with each other, and they just finished like interchange only. It seemed that her strongly felt something stronger than me, it seemed to be a different person from her usual bright girl. Even if I talk to you with a keen suppression of temple, concerning the surroundings, or in a state of restlessness, it is only a murmuring of anything with a small voice that can not be heard while being depressed.

I myself felt something strange and unexplored in the house, so I could not tell her that she would behave a bit more brightly. However, I thought that it would not be an awkward atmosphere any more. Even at dinner, there should be talks of each other, no words from anyone’s mouth, only the sound chewing food echoed in the quiet room. Next homecoming part 2.