I Like the Darkness

I like the darkness. If the room there is no light, I am very happy. For whatever reason, for sure I really like the darkness. If dark, I’m more free to do all the things I want without anyone known. I can use of my mother lipstick, scribbling on the walls of the living room, and playing catch ghosts (I made this game with my little sister as a child, like a kind of hide and seek, but only one person is hiding, one person was acting as the ghost) with my little sister.

One night, I was doing homework in the room. Of course alone, but my room in a state of ablaze. Because, the father says, if you want to read / write better in a bright room. As I was busy working on the task, suddenly all the lights went out in my house. I was shocked and immediately grabbed a flashlight that is in my desk.

I turn and walk slowly towards the bedroom door. Suddenly, I felt that my arm gripped by a tiny hand. I looked over and highlighting the owner of the hand. “Afraid.” said my sister who was 3 years old. “Quiet, I’m here.” I smiled at him and immediately carry him. I walked slowly and my heart was pounding. I’m very happy because finally I could feel it like being amidst darkness.

I walked down the hall and touched the wall so as not to hit anything. As I was groping the wall, I touch an object had long hair. I panicked at once curious. I immediately directed my flashlight towards the object. “Mom? Turns out it was my mother.” I chuckled, while my mom just grinned broadly.

Suddenly. “Sister why dwell there?! Hurry up here!” my mother’s voice echoed throughout the hall. At that moment, a cold sweat streamed down my body, my heart was pounding and feel like want to break. My sister hugged me very tightly and whispered, “Who?”. I ventured to check out the place where I touched her head. I was more frightened when I saw there was nothing there.

Without further ado, I immediately ran down the hall as she clung to my sister’s body. When I found my mother, I immediately hugged him and cried. “Mom, I’m scared.” I roared crying in his arms. “Quiet dear mother here.” mother rubbing my head and my sister. Now, I hate the dark. When I was in a dark room, I would go to the corner of the room, stayed there for the sleep. If this is not I do, then the head will always be there no matter where I go.