Imaginary Friends

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt mainly of people I don’t even know. Some children, some adults, etc. They always came to just me (night or day) and would never leave me alone. At first I didn’t know what to make of it all, maybe I was over imaginative or there was something wrong with me? I kept seeing death, war and blood in my dreams, they really bothered me. I became almost afraid to go to sleep and couldn’t get my “imaginary friends” out of my mind as a child.

I didn’t realize back then that they weren’t so “imaginary” because neither of my parents were the slightest bit open minded to spirituality (and still aren’t) and no one took what I saw seriously. My mom thought there was something mentally wrong with me and my dad was just furious I was always up late and talking to “myself”. But they just kept coming back.

My mom once (when I was about two) told me she saw me fine one minute, the next falling down a flight of stairs as though tripped by some invisible force. (I often have nightmares about falling now) I can’t remember, but she says I cracked my skull and had to go to hospital, but strangely, didn’t feel any pain. Not everyone I saw was meaning to cause harm. One ghost in particular, Danny, kept visiting me over and over again. I really enjoyed his company.

When I was about seven my little sister was born. That was the time I dreamt of seeing two little blond girls I had never met. After a few years, my sister told me she had a lot of imaginary friends of her own, one of which was named Chloe. Chloe visited her the most often. I, meanwhile, couldn’t help but wonder if I was really seeing spirits/ghosts or if I was just crazy.

One day at school (when I was either twelve or thirteen) the lights started flickering throughout the entire school and no one but me to this day knows why. I could have sworn I saw some figures phase out of the room from the corner of my eye right before it happened. Objects in my room were never where I left them and my lights at home kept flickering – even after I changed the bulb. I didn’t think they were imaginary, but wanted to make sure.

I soon told my sister how weird it was to see all the lights at school flicker. She smiled and told me. “Oh, that was just Chloe and her friends, Ellie and Grace.” When she went to describe Chloe’s friends, I found those were the girls from my recent dreams! My sister also mentioned Chloe had a brother named Danny. I was stunned to hear her describe him exactly as I had seen him, red hair, hazel eyes, sixteen, etc.

My little sister and I talk a lot about spirits and ghosts now. I’ve found a lot of protection spells and kept talking to Tiffany, my guardian angel. She constantly guides, heals and helps me and was the reason I felt no pain when I fell down the stairs. Since then, I’ve been crossing ghosts over, but have found that once they’re crossed over, they aren’t always reincarnated.

Some come back as spirits. I crossed Danny over, but he still comes to visit me. My abilities keep getting stronger through practice and I often set aside time just to meditate, visit the graveyard, etc. Whatever it takes. When I visited the Akashic Records I read that I had always been meant to resolving ghost. I’m so grateful for this gift and the chance to make a difference.