In a Room of a Single Life

Yoko of the same circle near the university. I borrowed a room and had lived alone. I think that it was about 3 years ago. Female only 6 people, I went to Yoko’s room and at a convenience store while eating a pot. I was chatting drinking alcohol I had bought. A short day in winter has also fallen, Mika of the same undergraduate.

I said I was sleepy and lay down on Bette. It is a self-paced person who always lies when drinking. I was talking to him lazily afterwards. It turned out to be a scary story, “When I’m talking about this, the spirit. It’s like going to come. Someone said. I do not know how many years Yoko’s room was built.

The room is also bright and clean with a relatively new appearance. About 10 minutes by bike from the university in 1K. It was a good place with reasonable price. I borrowed it from a year and have been scared until now. I have not heard that it was. When I was talking about such things, I heard a rattling noise.

When I looked around the room. A white little tan in the back of a proton. He is shaking in small steps. Everyone seemed to notice, “Earthquake?” And someone said. Stop talking and as you stare at everyone’s opportunity. I stopped moving. “Was it an earthquake? But, it’s not a shaky electric stick.”

I wondered, but I immediately returned to the ghost story. Nursery rack. Small little trembling everyone as a little scary. I stare at the white line. After a while it also stopped moving. “You were swinging again, are not you?” Someone told me to confirm. “No way, are you shaking only when you are in a ghost story?” We started ghost stories again to try.

Nursery rack. There is no moving thing else, only the dance is like. Just like a chair with a short foot length shakes one. Ringing is slightly shaking. “Oh my goodness, is not this?” Everyone has a slightly nervous face. Meanwhile, “Well.” While Mika sleeping on the bed was making a painful face. I got up.

I was relieved for a momentary tension “What happened?” And, “It’s getting tied up right now. Something came on my mind.” In the meantime, it is. Everyone was scared of it, and ran away in a hurry. Go to the entranceway through the side of the dance. Everyone except Yoko passed from the parents’ home. Because it was far, I will not go to stay, I ended up calling my boyfriend.

I heard that he got it. Although it seems that Tansukata kata was not thereafter. I heard this story after a while. One morning, Yoko left the room to go to the university. When turning to the door to close the key. The red one sticks to the door sticky. I got scared and called my parents’ house and told my mother to come.

Although I was not able to see it too much as a single person. When I observed it with my mother, it is because of smell etc. It was supposed to be blood. Once it was delivered to the police, the cause is unknown. I do not want to think of the work of those who might be good. Even if it is a human work, it is also scary. But then until graduation she. I continued living in the room. I can not do it.