In the Egg

It is a story which I heard to a police official of acquaintance. Do you remember the murder scandal that was near here last year? A man in a young lady’s room seems to have found a corpse. That story. Oh, it’s not like I’m talking about splatter. The situation is true. That woman, I will leave it as Eiko. I am going to talk about a man as Ichi and something put in the egg.

As each mother was a childhood friend. As expected I guess you are familiar with your childhood. The school is the same as the elementary school, high school year. Mr. Sakaki of Mr. Ikki’s friend started her compatibility. Then three of whom went to the same university. Mr. Sakaki passed away in the second half of the year.

I fell to the dam during the date. Although there were no witnesses at the time of just two people. It eventually was treated as an accident. Eiko was shocked and quite mentally damaged. It seems there were also reasons why it was not possible to listen to circumstances. She got no more from home and her college dropped out.

There is no hindrance to the minimum daily life, such as baths and toilets and meals. The conversation does not hold, and if you try to forcibly do something, it will raise loudly and rage. My father does not allow me to go to the hospital. Still, I will not approach the second floor where Eiko is.

Eiko I’m getting better and getting better and fat. When the mother’s hands alone can not answer. Kazuki began to help you care. Eiko used to have dexterous hands before and he seems to be good at fine handicrafts. He seems to have been making eggs since he became confined to the house. Punch holes in eggs, wash well, and paste fine cloth with bind. Put the cord on it and hang it on the curtain rail.

Since curtains can not be closed. Mom moves it to the ceiling of the room everyday and stops it with a thumbtack. The ceiling of the room was filled with various patterns of eggs. One morning that day, I noticed Eiko’s pregnancy. And I first talked to Mr. Kazuki’s mother. Kazuki who heard a story from his mother jumped out of the house. I stayed at my friend’s house and started walking. It was Mr. Ichikawa who caused Eiko to become pregnant.

One day one of my friends asked me about the story from Mr. Ichika who comes to stay. As soon as he told the story. “You must take responsibility properly after all.” I left and left the friend’s house. But it was the last testimony to see him living. The next day, he was found apart in Eiko’s room. I found Ms. Eiko. It is said that he did not know what it was at first.

Eiko was asleep at the corner of the room. And in the room the shell of the egg that had been hanging on the ceiling had fallen. It seems that there was a bad smell. But Eiko was sleeping asleep and I could not find the smell. Mom is probably because a women’s monthly event began with Eiko. I guessed. It was similar to the smell of blood.

I was relieved that I was not pregnant. Even if you think to replace air in the meantime. One side of the floor, a round shell cracked and broken. Hundreds of eggs wrapped in cloth. As the mother makes a way to the window, he seems to be trying to get the egg out of his feet. I was surprised at the extraordinary weight.

An unusual odor which became strong on the hi – tech moved. It’s a strange feeling of its weight. Terrifying cowardly and observing those nearby. She noticed a red black thing peeking through the cloth. A color that looks like an open wound, as you saw when you were injured a long time ago. Mother screamed.

But my father was on the first floor, but he did not even say anything. My mother tolerated the bad feelings, went out of the feet with heavy eggs and went to Eiko. I forced you to wake me up from the room. Eiko did not like it and stepped on eggs. Whether the horse power of the fire place worked. A small mother drew Eiko from the room and lowered it to the first floor.

My father turned towards himself in the form of Eiko, and retracted to the bedroom. Mother alone can finally settle Eiko in the living room. Then I called the police. Of course my mother did not know what the egg was inside. But the neighbor said that a snake came out. Because I had called 110 for the policeman. It seems that he thought it was a serious moment and applied it to the police.

The policeman who came in is an egg stomped by Eiko. I found a human eyeball. It made a big noise from there. As you already know, the content of the egg was Kazuki. He was broken as finely as close to hundreds, a thousand. It was put in the shell of the egg. I was confirmed that he was DNA by appraisal. Biological reaction was recognized in many of the bodies.

He was separated apart alive. Moreover, there are no traces of using knives. It was torn down, broken and shattered. Fragile pieces are carefully placed in the shell of eggs. It was decorated with cloth. Eiko did not get any testimony. Your parents did not hear any sounds. After all, harrying that Eiko was forced to pregnant. I was supposed to have killed Ichiki.

However, there are many mysterious points. The police still does not solve that mystery. Rather, I do not feel like solving it. Larger pieces of bone than the hole drilled in the shell of the egg. How was it put in? Even though the hole was clogged with cloth. He is being witnessed the night before.

It is something I can not think of working overnight. And that the site torn apart was not found anywhere. More than anything, can you tear a person manually without tools? It also shattered. There is no way it can be done. Eiko is said to be in a mental hospital now. I have not heard what happened to a belly child. What Kazuki was killed in what way. In what way was it put in the egg? There is no answer.