Inari Faith and the Fox Possession

A story of a middle summer of a junior high school first grader who was living in the country. When I noticed signs of huge and jolly in the middle of the night, I was already late for being late. While experiencing many strange phenomena during the bondage, such a thing was only an introduction of real fear.

It is about 20 years ago from now. I recall every year when this time comes, so I will write. I am talking about midsummer of a junior high school first grade. I was a detached house in a flat shop and it was quite a country house so I slept with a screen door at night. One day it was a really hot day, I felt awkward as the cat was singing in the middle of the night.

When I noticed Hu, I looked at the window. How awful I thought it was awkward so I thought I would definitely fix it. I can not move as it is, I can only watch the window. Then the phone suddenly rang. But it is not supposed to sound. Because the telephone is not connected. Because I pulled out the code.

But since the body does not move. “Even if you come to me you can not do anything, so go somewhere.” I was hoping in my heart. But there is no reason to be released with such a thing. Always the line of sight is in the screen door, only the blinking is possible. Then, when you look at the screen door silently.

Eleven? From the corner of the upper right corner of the right side window. A black shadow (just about the size of a cat?) Came out. At that time, “Ah! Our cat is trying to help! I thought, but. It is thin from the shadow, it seems like a cat’s arm. That arm is a screen door. Oh, this one I am afraid I tried to give up. From the next room (living room) suddenly! It is! Well. I heard a sound about the collapse of the tance.

I am surprised and I can solve the bondage and go to the next room, but nothing has fallen down. But if you look closely, the buddhist altar of the Buddhist altar fell down. “Grandpa, Grandma helped me.” I thought. But, that was not over, I guess. Then the same thing happened about for about 10 days. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrestled.

Someone is rubbing the screen door with Georgey. I should have slept by closing the window properly, but when I got up I became a screen door. But, suddenly nothing has gone. Since my father was discharged from the hospital. Also, my grandpa came back home on summer vacation. It is strange that my father is in a state of bad behavior.

I suddenly began to whirling or even if I talked to you, I did not answer at all. I do not know the meaning of saying. Such a day continued for a few days, the older brother laughs awfully living in one day. “A child (I) !! Come on! Finally my father was blurred!” Due to my father’s drinking, my father seems to be in the bottom position in the house. My older brother was also very stupid.

Then, when I went to my father’s place, I became normal. I was thinking “I do not have anything.” It started from there. Suddenly my father shouted “Bring me water as it thirsty!” Although I got stupid, I went to the big glass like a harassment like a hurry. Dad looking at the cup. “Bring me water quickly! Thirsty !! Why do you have it !! Do not get irritated!” I cried out.

I replied that “I’m including it but I can drink it!” I was mad at me for a long time. So I ignored and went to my room, but I was crying for hours. Is it a bit strange for rocks? What a thought it was. I was asleep and slept. And, in the evening I feel a line of sight somehow! Once I got up. I was watching me from the bedside with my father standing.

I was terribly scared. I was surprised because I was suddenly and I could not move. Besides, though I should be watching me, I felt I did not know where I was watching. Then the funny behavior of Dad continued. Suddenly “A child! A child! Just come over!” When I thought of something, I brought a can juice that had no lid. Where did you bring it from? I thought that. My father’s behavior and behavior were all too funny, and I was not worried any more. Dad put his hand on the side of the drinking mouth of a can which is not open (like a lid)

“Look! Let’s see !! HOL !!” It’s a palm of your hand.
“Insects !! insects !! Do not feel sick! Let’s get out!”.
“No, my father, I do not have anything, because I am a beautiful palm.”

Even though I said so, I was saying it by myself. That night. I told my mother, “Dad, I’m obsessed, you better do it.” Mother, is not liquor? Well, I told you to look a little more. So it happened that day again. More terrible things than ever. At night, when I was watching TV with my dad who came back to normal. Suddenly my father swings his arms and cries, saying, “It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!”

But there is not much in the living room, and I’m shaking off the upper one, but of course nothing. And since it ended smoothly unexpectedly. I decided to go to bed, thinking I’d be all right. I was afraid that day so I closed the window tightly and I slept with checking the keys. I also awoke the same way as before.

But that day was the most scary. The cause I woke up was the sound rubbing the screen door. I heard a geek sound. I do not want to open my eyes! But it opened. Then it turned into a screen door again. Besides, my father stood out saying Woo Woo, outside my window. I was terribly frightened and hardened. I thought that I was saying something slightly and asked a lot. I told you to open it.

As I got scared, I went to wake me up, Brother, where my father went! It is! To say. Dad suddenly cried “Go!” I rang around the house. When I see a running face, saliva is dripping, my eyes are white eyes. It was already scary. Then the older brother caught it, put it in the house. Is it better for my mother to tie it till she comes back? I told you. I did not know whether I fell asleep or fell asleep, but I was asleep.

After checking it, Older said that she is breathing properly, and pulsing is fine as well. I decided to take a picture until my mother came back. Well, when I report from my mother. My mother wants to make a reservation for exorcism. I was supposed to be admitted to a mental hospital for the time being until that day.

When I was going to take you to the hospital from morning. Surprisingly Dad listened to me something to say quietly. I was groaning while riding a car, but I never got crazy. As soon as I entered the lobby when I arrived at the hospital. “Bring me a broom and a chilly!” I got angry. The nurses were getting used to such a thing, they brought me “yes”.

My father was angry saying, “Here’s something! Leaves are falling down! It is dirty!” After the examination was over, I was hospitalized. The place I entered was a quarantine like a prison. But it was amazing from here. Where are you? I went to the lady’s place, first, I was called immediately.

And it was said. “This is your Inari shop, do you know that you first came to your place?” Even though I and my mother do not talk about the events that first appeared, I do not know. “I wanted to find you, I came to you. Because it was not normal anymore. People who are protecting you were exorcising.”

What. Then my tears stopped stopping, I was crying. My house is a really big house. It seems like it. The big house has become a vacant house, but there seems to be Inari shrine behind there. Excuse there and exorcise the house, then we decided to pursue a set of dad’s clothes. I went to Inari shrine and it was close to my house but I was surprised.

First of all, there is a cup, but there is no water. The can of the juice rusted and it rots and the insect is crowning. The shrine is covered with stretched trees. It is about weak weed at the foot and the ground can not be seen with fallen leaves. That was what the father was saying.

Then clean it, clean it and exalt it, clothe your father as well. Then he returned to his father. This lady was there, the loneliness of his father and the loneliness of Inari were in sync. After that, I spend normally without anything, but I recall every summer coming every year.