Incident at the Duta Palm Resort

Duta Palm Resort is a deserted blocks of apartments or town-houses. When Luke Yee and his family booked this place they were quite disappointed over the lack of amenities. They had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and 2 bathrooms. Still it was his wife, Cloris, who made the most noise about the lack of amenities. The resort is about 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, about one and half hours by car. Luke was tired and hope to rest and “watch TV”.

After going for dinner, which consist of going to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Cloris got the three kids to bathe and then to bed. Luke’s wife, Cloris, was going to take a shower and decided to go to her bed. Luke went to the living room and decided to catch up on TV, lots of TV and a couple of beer.

Cloris was sleeping in bed when she realized that her room was very cold. She also had uneasy feeling as if there was somebody was in bedroom. She did not make much of the matter and got another mattress to cover herself. Cloris thought that Luke was still watching TV and went back to bed at 1 am.

Luke watched the TV until 3 am but woke up early to help Cloris get the kids get ready for breakfast. Cloris suddenly noticed the TV was turned almost in a different angle (almost 90 degree) and angrily accused Luke of turning the TV set. Luke who was busy trying to fasten a shoe for his son, looked up at the TV set.

Although he admitted that he was the last to watch TV and denied moving the TV set, how can he the TV set, it was a 29 inch analog set and not a flat panel (LCD) set and it was really heavy! Cloris also realize that it is not possible and both of them acted normally but they left for Kuala Lumpur with the entire family shortly after that.