Incident in the Dormitory Toilet

This happened in the 1980s and the hostel was an old rural building. His entire family consisting of his father, mother and his younger sister and himself drove to his hostel which was a hour’s drive from his house. As expected, his mother was making a fuss about the dormitory, his bed and the condition of his mattress and so on. Bakar’s father can only sighed in relief when it finally time came to go back to their house.

Bakar also met Idris his new room-mate, a chubby kid with oversize glasses, who seemed to be excited and happy about Bakar’s arrival. After Bakar’s family had finally left, and packing some of his personal belongings, Bakar and Idris went for their dinner in their old hostel. After their simple meal and tired from their trip and unpacking, Bakar decided to go and sleep.

Bakar awoke after several hours, dying to urinate. He looked at Idris who was sleeping oblivious to his surroundings. Although feeling a bit bad about troubling Idris from his sleep but Bakar really desperately have to go to the toilet. Left with no alternative, Idris was rouse from his sleep and half-waken was taken along to the toilet.

The toilet was located in a separate building with a narrow walkway from the hostel. The toilet structure was a small building that had 3 stalls and 5 sinks. Idris instead was left his torch, half asleep, waiting for Bakar. The toilet was only lit with a single bulb and it was very dark. Bakar hurried went to stall Number 1 to do his business. While he was busy relieving himself in the stall, he heard someone using the sink, and was relieved that someone was there.

When he was done, he quickly went to another sink and noticed another person bending down was using the other sink. He said a quick, “hello” but was a bit surprised that he did not receive a reply. He eventually noticed that something was amiss, with the only light from the sole bulb and the other guy was still bending over the sink and he was doing some stuff.

He quickly finished washing his hands from his sink and he walked pass this guy and headed to the door leading away from the toilet. When he noticed something moved at the back of him and rushed around to face it. The figure was at his back, with his mouth covered in blood, asked him, “Why are you running?”.

Terrified and shocked, he rushed to the door and quickly grabbed a half asleep Idris to get out of there. Idris was just as shock from the commotion, screamed as loudly as Bakar. Bakar eventually decided he must go to the toilet after dinner or else he have to use a “pee pot” at nights.