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I have two separate tales of people who have personally encountered unrelated strange sightings at the Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Ipoh is the capital of Perak and remains one of Malaysia’s largest cities. Today, Ipoh is the fourth largest city in Malaysia. As of 2009, it has a population of 702,464, with a total urban area population of 1,143,778. It ranks as the sixth most populous urban centre in Malaysia.

The 1st incident when Robert Chew was about 13 years when he admitted to Ipoh Specialist Hospital for stomach illness and diarrhea. Anyway, he had to stay for3 days and 3 nights. At least 12 kids stay together in a ward at that time. At nights, there were a lot of sound, like a lot of people talking in the ward and corridors, sound of wheelchairs, people rush to operation table, lots of laughing and crying but the kids were fast asleep in the ward and nobody is around. According to Robert it is so eerie and weird. Maybe he should have asked for some sleeping pills.

In the 2nd incident, Shereen Teoh was with her friend and they were visiting a friend who was admitted. When visiting her friend, she felt so tired and so very cold like she was really unwell. As she was leaving after visiting her friend, she jumped to her side to avoid a woman rushing along the corridor and passing her. Her friend who was walking directly behind her asked Shereen what is wrong with her.

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Shereen was puzzled and said that she merely avoiding the woman. Her friend was surprised and told her that is nobody there. Shereen felt she must be getting sick and must be seen things. When she got to her car with her friend, she looked up at bottom of the basement carpark in the hospital and she noticed that were stacks of food on the trolleys.

Then she spotted a woman who was squatting with her knees hugging her body and her hands were busy like eating from the trolleys. Shereen thought it is strange and eerie when the woman turned and faced her and smile her mouth was filled up with half-eaten food! Oh my God! She was really freaked up! Her friend said that Shereen looked desperately pale, but Shereen said a quick prayer and urgently drove car at break neck speed away from the Ipoh Specialist Hospital.