It is Very Good!

It is a woman who works for a company in Osaka that experienced this story. At that time (about 20 years ago), she lived in a company house of a working company. The company house was a tattered apartment in the mountains, nobody lived except for her. There were many things that changed a little because such places were caused by electricity that should have erased. But experiencing that night was not such an easy event.

Twenty years ago from now, a woman was exhausted from the hard work everyday she was working in a company in Osaka, when I thought about changing my job soon. The girls’ dormitory at company company’s company house was a boro apartment like an antique piece in the mountains. I dislike the old apartment barely wearing a unit bath. That person was the only one who lives in the company’s house.

The fact that the company paid most of the rent and that it was quiet and the environment was good. One day, when I came back home after completing my hard work in the middle of the night. Light in my room. It was funny, I forgot to erase it. I thought. There was something I was aiming for when the electricity of the room that had been erased for a while was coming home as well.

I asked the general affairs department of the company to inspect it, but he said that there was no abnormality. In the apartment there are emergency stairs besides the usual staircase. That person’s room was on the left end as seen from the front. So when she came home exhausted, she returned home using the emergency stairs at the left end of the apartment.

Work on that day also came late at night. Tired out and climb the emergency stairs. When I opened an emergency door, there was a person. The moment of seeing that person, the experience person says that he feels cold. It was a woman who was there. But I did not know him.

It is a terrible tall woman who has never seen it, white. She said she was wearing a dress with frills. Moreover, the dress was dirty and there was a withered leaf on various parts. In stockings with open holes in dirty white shoes, long hair that became Pasapasa. The worn ribbon was tied off

I do not have any residents other than me in this apartment, I guess whether they are homeless. It was the moment I took the key out of the bag to enter the room. It is very good. Screaming neither screaming nor laughter echoed through the hallway. The experienced person says that he crushed the liver and saw the woman. Then the one-piece woman came step by step.

In the dark corridor, if you look closely at the one piece woman, the skin will be unusually white. The surroundings of my eyes were dirty and depressed. At that moment, the experiencer knew that this woman was not of this world, the spine froze. It is very good. Also, experiencers who felt danger of their hands emanated from a woman’s high voice jumped out of the emergency door.

The moment when the shadow of a one-piece waving swaying shimmer appears on the window of an emergency door. Van! It is very good. Awesome sound that one piece woman strikes an emergency door reverberates on the emergency staircase. At the same time that scream cried out. (Go out there! Go away!)

While holding a doorknob of an emergency door with a feeling of praying. The woman’s shadow leaves the window and that scream slowly got away.  After a while, the experiencer unexpectedly opened the emergency door and saw the other side of the corridor. The one-piece woman was still there, but turned her back on this. It is said that the intuition that the only thing to wear this woman’s eyes is through now, walking around the corridor swaying over the experiences.

Experienced people jump out of the emergency door, hurry to insert the key of the room into the door knob. I entered my room and locked it. The electricity in the room was said to have been on again. However, only at this time it appreciated the strange situation. When I was holding my breath in the room for a while, eventually I heard no sound from the corridor.

As it was already good, the experience gently approached the window beside the kitchen and looked into the corridor from the window. The woman was still there. The woman who turned her back to this moment turned around here. It is very good. That scream echoed through the hallway. I thought that it was found. Experience said that he regretted having escaped into the room.

It is OK to hang the key, but if she finds it, there is no escape place. The experiencer pulled out the futon from the closet. I had no choice but to shake as I got a futon over my head. When I looked into the window of the kitchen from the gap, the part of the white woman’s shoulder was seen from the window. Van! I heard a sound that that woman crashed into the emergency door just as before.

To a fear of too much, the experiencer (who why I look like this) and trembling shedding tears. It is very good. It is that voice. The experiencing person looked into the window through the gap of the futon. Looking at a dirty dress of a woman, the experiencer said he was frustrated. When I saw it in the window a while ago, the woman’s shoulder was reflected in the window.

However, I can not see a shoulder now. Shoulder of a woman whose height is just like a ceremonial. She said she looked like she grew suddenly. What does it mean that the height of a woman is growing. At the moment when I thought so, the appearance of that woman stopped at the window. It is very good.

One minute, five minutes, adequate. For an unexpectedly long time passed. The experiencer took a look from the futon and saw the window. At that moment, it seemed to be stunned. She said that her face was sticking to the window in the corridor. It is very good. Finally found out. The hands of a woman were hung on the window frame, (It’s enough) and the moment when the experiencing person despaired.

Don! Charlie! It is! You hear amazing sounds and metallic sounds, so that their heads are kicked off by that sound. It is said that freedom returned to the body of the experiencer. At the same time, even a one-piece woman stuck to the window. It was clear that the trembling of the look sharply witnessed. Don! Charlie! It is!

At the moment when I heard that metal sound again, this time the male voice began to echo with a low male voice. Suddenly, when I saw the shoulder of that woman who was supposed to have not seen before, the experiencing person stared his eyes. (Shrinking). Experience said that thought so. One piece woman leaves the window and I saw again walking towards the hula and the emergency door. Someone came to help.

When I thought so, the force suddenly came up, the experienced person jumped out of the futon and looked into the corridor. Standing there was a monk wearing a semicircular hat. The face could not be seen with a hat, and the body was dirty just like a woman, but had a wonderful staff in hand. Every time that monk sweeps down the tip of the staff to the floor, don! Charlie! It is! And it sounds awful metal sounds.

Then she started walking with a hula so that she could attract that monk. It is now only if you run away. Experienced people have a bag that puts baggage in haste. Gently open the door and got out into the hallway. Looking at it, looking down at that monk. That White One Piece Woman stood with her turning her back.

A huge overlooked monk, like a monster. Even so, the chanting chanting says that there was no disturbance at all (This monk is surely exterminating that woman). A woman who suddenly got courage and security feeling jumped out of the room and ran to the emergency staircase. Finally when the experiencing person looks backwards, it is shot by the monk. There was a figure of that fine white woman who did not move extremely. Don! Charlie! It is!

I do not mind. Every time a monk struck a staff on the floor. The woman trembled and the height of the woman who was high as I looked up every time was no doubt shrinking. Each time the monk touched the staff, the woman was small and small, shrinking steadily and steadily. Alright, this experience has to be seen to the end, experiencers jumped out of the apartment.

Leaving the apartment and desperately running, the body got suddenly lightened. Relief of the whole body that a sense of security that it’s all right now. Don! Charlie! It is! Suddenly when I turned around the apartment, I heard that the sound of his monk’s staff was small. Well. At the last moment when I heard the voice of that woman, which had become so small as to be screaming. The electricity of the apartment that I was wondering why I saw that it disappeared with Hu.

As it is, the experienced person rolled into the house of a friend and explained that it took place just now. “Do not be scared!” While being blocked from talking to a friend on the way, it was said that it was rather a reminder that the experience person remembered strange relief. Those who experienced a decision to quit the company thanks to that. He retired from the company soon and now he lives in Tokyo.

That’s it. I thought at the beginning that it was a monster like Norikoshi Tamagawa but I thought that this was correctly Yakame in the middle of reading so I wrote it. Although it is not “Hokkaido’s Poppo.” I was concerned about the repeated screaming “it is very good.” In addition.

I saw a common point with the Yaku-sama at a place where the white one-piece, the tallest person that hits the heaven as high as the 8-track. It is said that Hakkei is sealed, but if this woman is Hakkei. Hakkei-sama was not trapped in the barrier. I think that it might have been sealed with such a powerful presence attached.