It Should Not Be

My parents house is in M ​​prefecture. It was close to the sea, close to the mountain, I thought that it was a land that I thought was easy to live at such “some age”. Until we talk to other people about the experience at that time. My house was really close to the ocean, at that time a fishing boat named “Brazil Maru” was anchored.

The ship was a ship where you could see the ship if you paid the ship. I got into the Brazil Maru with three friends. Because it was a passenger ship, I thought that there was not much opportunity for ordinary people to see. I walked without considering anything from places where ordinary customers came to the room where the captain lives.

Beyond that, when I came to the seafarer’s room, I became frightened. I could not walk a step. That was the same for another friend. I appealed to turn back. But the other two will go on. I was scared and shouted the names of the two. Close your eyelids tightly. A lot, screaming a lot. Escape from the blood, blowing person who follows from behind, escape, run away.

When I noticed it was in my futon. I asked my mother, “I went to the Brazil Maru, did not he?” I asked. My mother said that, yes. I was afraid that it was a dream or that it was a reality, I asked three friends. It was the same reply. However, what is different is that the friend who stayed trampling with me still lives, but two friends who did not have died soon.

That day, I got on the Brazil Maru. Talking to another friend later and checking out, the day we got on, at that time, the Brazil Maru was not anchored in Japan, he said he arrived in China. So what about that ship? Which boat we paid all the way? When thinking carefully, I and my other friend have not paid the money, but the amount was taken six sentences. It was taken. Just because I did not have any small change, if I had paid? I am scared, actually I can not bring my coin with me.