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I was having problems sleeping at night, and I was going through “Kanashibari,” almost everynight. I think a lot of it had to do with me moving out of my old apartment, moving into this one. I wanted to stay at a more “up-Scale” place, so I can could bring my friends over. There was nothing wrong about my new place, except for the Kanashibari.

Kanashibari is a phenomenon where your body won’t move. It is quite common in Japan, where many Japanese people have said to experience this. It is said to be caused by the supernatural. By Kanashibari got worse, and I realize that everytime I felt my body going numb in my bed, I could see someone standing in the corner of the room.

I cant move, or talk during “Kanashibari,” so I just move my eyes to glance over to the corner. It is a man, and he is not someone from this world. He seems quite content, standing and staring at me. At first, I was annoyed and scared of this ghost, but I realize he doesnt do anything. He just causes my Kanashibari, and he stares. Soon, I will fall back to sleep and I will wake up the next day.

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I thought he was harmless, until months had passed by. My body was weak, and I was losing weight because of lost in apetite. My hair was starting to thin out, and I always had dark circles under my eyes. When I went back home during a weekend, my mother made me go to the hospital. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, so I told her about the ghost that lives in my new apartment. She was furious.

We went to a temple together, and told the monk about my story. He told me to pray during my Kanashibari. In my head, instead of thinking about how to go back to sleep, I should pray. Namudaidabutu are the chants for my prayers.

When I went back to my apartment, I felt a chill. It felt like, something was angry that I left for a few days. Before, this ghost wasnt much of a threat. But soon I realize that it might be something more than a man’s ghost. That night, my Kanashibari happened again. Soon as my body couldnt move, I saw the ghost in the corner of the room. I assumed, that the ghost will stay in the corner as always, but it turns out that it wont.

It took a step, than another. When he was close enough, I could see his face. There was something very wrong about his face. It was way pass angry, but more like an insane frenzy going on in his head. I started to pray, and I prayed fast as I could.

“Namudaidabutu, Namudaidabutu, Namudaidabutu”. I kept on going and going. The ghost, seemed to notice I was praying. He started to twist his face, and he let out a big scream like he was in pain. After a minute, he was gone. I kept on praying for a few minutes, but soon I realize everything was ok.

That’s when I heard, “Do you think praying helps?”. The words came from right beside me, fallowed by a deep low laugh. I fainted, the next morning, I moved out of the apartment as soon as possible. I am never going back there again.